Public Safety Moves From Guenther Hall to Campus Center

Ellen Evans

News Editor

On Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2000, the Public Safety office got a new home in the south end of the Campus Center, next to financial aid. The move was necessary to facilitate the renovations to the inside of Guenther, in order to accommodate the administrative offices slated to be relocated there.

The new suite has been designed to be more “user friendly.” Public Safety provides numerous services on campus and the the administration felt that in making the office more readily accessible with its location, it would be wise to make it more inviting as well, according to Sydney Bailey. To achieve this end, the new offices are brighter and more open that its predecessor in Guenther Hall.

In addition to the obvious jobs of ensuring public safety and security of the campus grounds, the office also handles the making of student IDs except for registration time and provides assistance with auto problems such as lockouts and jump-starts.  They also provide safety escorts upon request for those who need to be walking on campus after hours.

Visible from the officer seated at the main desk is a bank of monitors with changing views of the Cashier’s Office along with the computer labs in Guenther Hall and the BTC. There is also a new, sophisticated alarm system operated by the computer at the front desk.

In addition, the new suite contains a lock room where they make keys and do lock maintenance for the campus, an employee locker room and coffee room.

Students are welcome and encouraged to stop in with any questions or concerns.

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