7-2 Win Evens Hockey Season

Staff Report

The 7-2 over Albany State in the final game of Hudson Valley’s hockey season evened the team’s record at 11-11.

Originally scheduled as a road trip, the game game was held at the McDonough Sports Complex at the request of the Albany team.

Headcoach Roh Kuhl’s team sprinted an early 6-0 lead before allowing the visiting Purple Danes to get on the scoreboard, late in the second period.

After roaring to an impressive 5-0 start early in the season, the team struggled midway through their schedule, losing some close games on the road.

“It was a rollercoaster season,” said Kuhl. “Success doesn’t happen that way. It comes from slow, steady growth.”

Even though he feels that the team had to develop a little quicker, Kuhl was fulsome with praise for his seniors. “Or second year guys worked and did well for for us. Guys like Ricupero, Ward and Provost,” he said.

He noted the offensive abilities of Dallas and Reynolds, saying that they consistently out the puck in the net for them.

This year marked the third consecutive improved record for Kuhl.

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