The No Parking parking lot

By Jessica Memole

Copy Editor

A few weeks ago, students were surprised by finding hundreds of parking spaces along the south drive near Hudson Hall chained off and swarming with construction vehicles . This marked the beginning of the changes about to befall Hudson Valley as the new baseball stadium is built.

Six-hundred spaces were plowed over to allow the construction to continue without impediment from student parking and traffic and likely to be unavailable until next year. However, alternative parking will be arranged, said Stephen F. Cowan, director of the physical plant.

“One hundred of those spaces will be back in the fall and we’re building a lot on the front lawn of Brahan Hall,” he explained. This temporary parking lot should add about 400 spaces. Furthermore, parking on the south drive will be permitted. Student should gain 700 parking spots.

Opening night falls on June 20, 2002 after the spring semester is completed and runs until the first week of the fall semester.”The games are night games so the combined parking won’t be a problem,” Cowan declared.

An additional lot next to the stadium will be built over the existing tennis courts which will in turn be moved behind the stadium. In addition to the new baseball stadium, new soccer, football and softball fields are to be built, upgrading the entire Hudson Valley sports ground.

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