Artist Caitlin Masley presents gallery

Caitlin Masley, an American artist, visited Hudson Valley Thursday, Feb. 6 to open her “Other Mental Landscapes” exhibition. The Brooklyn-based artist held a discussion before her exhibit opened in the Teaching Gallery that same evening.

Exhibits by Masley have been featured in many different art museums and galleries around the world including countries such as Croatia, Slovenia and Norway.

Masley received a bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University. She then earned a master of fine arts degree from the University of Arizona.

Two famous architects, Lebbeus Woods and Yona Friedman, helped influence some of Masley’s work.

“I wanted to make projects so that you could pack them up and travel,” said Masley.

Even though Masley has been featured at different venues, her life was not always full of success.

In the past, Masley struggled with being an artist. She had no money and the only thing she did have was a bucket of stolen pens and a roll of paper. She could never afford a studio, but recommended that students use a lot of artist services available online.The pens and paper helped Masley to begin to draw pictures based on events that were going on in the world during those years.

During the Sept. 11 attacks, Masley was living in New York City in an apartment not far from the World Trade Center. This event led her to move to Berlin and discover a new culture.

However, when Iraq was invaded by the United States, Masley decided to leave Berlin and come back home.

“It’s just amazing to see the art world outside of New York or Los Angeles. Traveling the world and going to new countries is something I think every artist must do,” said Masley.

Currently, Masley is the mother of two children and is working on a master’s degree in design and urban ecology at Parsons the New School for Design.

When Masley is not creating new art, she enjoys reading books that are recommended by her friends from all different backgrounds and majors.

“I just want to say don’t get discouraged, whether you are an art student or not,” said Masley.

“We are really lucky to have artists come here to Hudson Valley and give discussions. It’s important for the enjoyment of all students,” said Bob Greene, second year fine arts major.

“Every other artist has a different point of view and it’s interesting to hear their ideas. I like how each artist brings something different that you can apply to your own work,” said Chris Casey, freshman fine arts major.

“The Caitlin Masley: other mental landscapes” exhibit will be open for visitors until Mar. 22, 2014 in the Teaching Gallery in the Administration Building.

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