Ice Hockey takes 9-0 win over Mohawk Valley

Bobby Colla, Staff Writer

​Hudson Valley’s ice hockey team won their final game home game of the season, 9-0 Tuesday, Jan. 28 over Mohawk Valley. The Vikings were playing their second game back from break and got their second straight win.

“With a few of our guys coming back from injury, they were playing in their second games this season,” said head coach Matt Alvey. “It was nice for them to get some work in.”

The Vikings had three players back from injury for these two games.

One of those players was Will Inman, making this his second game back in about 18 months. Inman had three goals and offensively and defensively all over the ice.

“It was great to be back on the ice.” Inman said. “It’s a plus that I could help my team as much as I did.”

​Inman also was apart of the ninth and final goal of the game in a different way from the three he scored. Inman was falling to the Ice as he passed the goal on his right. He was able to flip the puck in air in front of the goal to teammate Nick Carizzo. Carizzo was able deflect the puck into the goal for the one time shot and score the goal.

​“We try to get the puck to the net and we do that any way we can,” said Inman.

Inman also had another assist to Evan VanEpps for the first goal of the game which occurred within 60 seconds of the first period.

The Vikings were also able to get goals by Mason Gross and Liam McDonough, both fresh off injury. Both players were playing in their first game of the year.

The Vikings improved their record to 10-2-1. They won their second straight game right out of winter break and their seventh straight overall victory. The team will now go on a four game road trip to finish the regular season.

​“Everything is about hockey when we’re on road trips,” said Inman. ” It’s all about winning the games on those trips.”

​“I don’t think we have more focus,” said Alvey. “It seems more like theirs no distractions from real life outside the rink. It’s just hockey.”

The Vikings are 4-2 on the road this season. They played Erie in the first two games of their road trip, with a record of one win and two losses against the team.

With one more away game to go, after Saturday’s game at Monroe, which they won 7-0, the men face Albany Club before their Nationals tournament at home on Saturday, Feb. 22.


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