Theodore Adams named human services department chair

Paola Pelaez, Staff Writer

Theodore Adams, a Hudson Valley alumnus, has been chosen as the department chairperson for the Human Services and Chemical Dependency Counseling department.

Adams graduated from the program for chemical dependency counseling at Hudson Valley in 1997.

He has worked within the human services area for 15 years. Adams moved to Florida where he worked for another six years as a lecturer and adjunct professor at Springfield College School of Human Services.

At Springfield, Adams was also responsible for the addictions study program.

Adams worked in Hope House Inc. for 10 years where his various jobs consisted of being a part time and later a full time therapist. Afterwards, Adams became the director of the adolescent residential program, which involves providing services for those who have drug and alcohol addictions.

“[At Hudson Valley] I am responsible for all the faculty and students enrolled in the human services and chemical dependency programs,” said Adams. “Helping folks, whether they be in nursing homes, drug and alcohol facilities, homeless shelters, disability services or need chemical dependency help.”

“All the faculty has been very supportive and helpful throughout my transition here, including Dr. Margaret G., who is my immediate supervisor,” said Adams.

Adams’ biggest challenge in moving from Florida to Upstate New York was the change to colder weather.

“But for this job opportunity I was willing to deal with that discomfort,” said Adams.

“[I expect] the faculty and staff to do everything they can to keep being supportive and helpful to the students so that we can contribute to their success here.

“If [students are] struggling, they should come and ask for help. That way we can provide them with services or link them to services here on campus,” said Adams.

While his job is one of his main priorities, Adams, like any other person, still has some hobbies of his own.

“I love live entertainment of any kind really. I love animals. I enjoy horseback riding, hiking out in nature [and] the beach. Especially now!”said Adams.


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