Automotive lab offers cheap repairs for students

Alycia Bacon, Staff Writer

Hudson Valley’s automotive lab is now open for the spring semester. It provides low cost vehicle repairs and maintenance to students, faculty, staff and alumni.

A $15 lab fee and whatever parts are needed are the only things customers are charged for. Sessions are available in both the morning and afternoon.

Students can bring in their vehicles for an inspection first to determine if their vehicle would be approved for additional services.

“We do a lot: brakes, oil changes, drive lines and check engine diagnostics,” said Tyler Scharterand, a senior in the automotive program.

Work is completed by senior automotive students under the supervision of faculty. Students become eligible to work in the automotive lab during their third term.

The exact amount for maintenance varies by vehicle, age, condition and work required.

During this time of year, especially, it’s important to maintain vehicles.

Tyler Scharterand, a senior in the automotive program, recommended a pair of good tires and advised that students refrain from doing anything “stupid” while driving.

“We prefer not to work on cars over ten years of age or older because they are more likely to have additional problems because of their age,” said Scharterand.

Students can call ahead and make appointments for repairs as long as their vehicle has been inspected to determine if it is able to be worked on.

Anyone interested in having their car serviced by the automotive lab can contact them at 518-629-7189.

Information on hours of operation can be found on the Hudson Valley website at

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