Employment: Prospective employees attend annual Job Fair

Paola Pelaez, Staff Writer

Over 80 employers visited Hudson Valley for the annual Job Fair on Tuesday, Mar. 11, some offering full-time positions for people with a certain amount of experience in their field or with similar experience.

Other employers were searching to hire personnel for part-time jobs, leaving aside the amount of experience the person might or might not have.

The range of companies that attended the Job Fair varied from large companies such as Time Warner to smaller companies such as The Fort Miller Group, Inc.

Most of the companies agreed on basic characteristics they search for when hiring employees.

“The employee must have drive to succeed, even if they find themselves at the beginner’s level. You never know if with that job you can get promoted to something bigger,” said Joe Fitzgerald, Time Warner representative.

“Pioneer Bank mainly looks if the possible employee possesses good interaction skills and customer service skills,” said Shatoya Michel, representative of Pioneer Bank.

Other factors are taken into consideration by these companies.

“If we were here to hire we would look at how the client presents his or herself,” said Shavina Richardson, representative of The Cancer Services Program of Albany and Rensselaer County.

“At the entrance it clearly states, ‘No hats.’ So if they walk up to us wearing a hat, then we immediately get the sensation that the person doesn’t follow directions or rules. Personal appearance is key,” said Richardson.

The employers also provided advice for those who were seeking jobs.

“Don’t limit yourself. Look for different opportunities,” said Mary Ann Spiezio, The Fort Miller Group, Inc. representative.

“Sometimes big companies guarantee a stable job. [But sometimes] it can become unstable. Meanwhile, smaller companies tend to be more intimate, therefore they understand the students’ situation better,” said Spiezio.

“When you’re looking for a job, you should most definitely prepare for the interview, if given the opportunity. You should make sure that your voicemail is appropriate when waiting for an employer to call,” said Michel.

The Job Fair also serves as a guide for students with a general idea of what they want, as was the case of former student Kendra Cunningham.

“Although I was spoiled in a sense and earned good money, I needed to stop waiting tables,” said Cunningham.

“I’m looking for any job that’s willing to pay me some money. I’m not looking for non-profit jobs right now. Yeah I’m picky, but I’ve got bills to pay,” said Cunningham.

“These Job Fair events are great because you have a perception of the person applying. First impressions are everything. Plus its good advertisement for the company,” said Lucy Abdo, Pioneer representative.

“I worked at the ice-rink here, but now that they closed it, [so] I’m jobless” said Joe Harrington, first year human services major.

“[The fair] really helps me out. Plus there’s one specific job I want and by going to their stand and introducing myself I’m increasing my possibility of getting this job,” said Harrington.

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