Four students receive SUNY Chancellor’s Award

Tyler McNeil, Staff Writer

The SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence will be given to four Hudson Valley students on Wednesday, Apr. 2 at the Empire State Plaza. The recipients are Shauna Anderson, Charles Parslow, Bryan Vandenburgh and James Greg.

This award is given to students based on their campus involvement, leadership skills, participation in the arts, community service hours, career achievement and athletic accomplishments after they are nominated by a faculty member.

Shauna Anderson, liberal arts major, was nominated by Gayle Healy, director of the Center for Careers and Employment.

“After she looked at my resume and saw all my academic and volunteer work, she thought I would be eligible for the Chancellor’s Award,” said Anderson. “I never really expected to even be nominated.”

After graduating Hudson Valley in the fall 2013 semester, Anderson is now a non-matriculated student taking additional classes.

Anderson has done volunteer work at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center in Delmar, as well as in the Children’s Defense Fund’s “Sprouts” camp program for ten years. She also takes care of horses at a local barn in her hometown of Greenville.

“It’s an honor [to be amongst the other recipients],” said Anderson. “These are hard working students. I’ve seen what they’ve done and I’m amazed I’m even on the same podium as them.”

2014 will mark the second consecutive year that a Hudson Valley Student Senate Vice President Eugene Corcione has received this award. Corcione, former Student Senate Vice President, was presented with the Chancellor’s award in 2013.

James Greg, the current Student Senate Vice President and business administration major, was notified of his nomination in early February.

“I like to give back. It’s always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember,” said Greg.

Greg, a Clifton Park native, was active when two students from Shaker and Shenendehowa had their lives taken in a car crash on Dec. 1, 2012.

“We have an annual golf tournament to raise money for the families [involved],”said Greg, who participates in the Bob Stewart Memorial Golf Tournament annually.

Greg has run in the annual Arthritis Foundation Walk since 2011. He also volunteers over the summer with Sports Are For Everyone (SAFE), a non-profit organization providing opportunities for children with special needs to participate in recreational athletics.

“I help kids golf and I love to golf, so it’s enjoyable and giving back to them is all worthwhile,” said Greg.

“I was happy to receive [the Chancellor’s award] because it rewarded my commitment. I try to do as much as I can,” said Greg. “I know [Shauna Anderson and Charles Parslow] personally and I’m honored to share the award with them.”

Greg and Anderson were awarded on behalf of their contributions in the Student Senate and off campus activism as well.

“Even in the senate, there are some people who come to the meetings, do their boards and that’s it. If that’s what you want to do, that’s great, but there are some people who actually want to get involved around campus,” said Greg.

Greg recently made a Facebook page in hopes of  creating  a “hub” for clubs and organizations across campus to connect.

“I’ve been working really hard my whole life to do my best academically and it was a wonderful surprise for me just to be able to see that I could achieve an honor such as this. It shows that my work has finally paid off and I will continue to show that,” said Anderson.

The Chancellor’s Award Ceremony will be hosted from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center on Wednesday, Apr. 2.

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