How tasty are Louie’s “tasty licks?”

Tyler McNeil, Staff Writer

Students at Hudson Valley with some money to spend may want to try out Louie’s, the next door restaurant that opened in December by the owner of the Deli & Brew. Their dishes are worthwhile, but they don’t give the best bang for your buck.

Unlike typical diners in the area, Louie’s has a pub-like atmosphere. The interior is spacious, having been a former Pizza Hut. Louie’s has rustic contemporary aesthetics while still holding the retro-charm of the diner era.

Starters are not recommended for the health food enthusiast. Appetizers include onion rings showered with the Deli & Brew’s “Tiger Sauce.”

“Tiger Sauce” is part of the Deli & Brew’s line of “Sammy Sauce” condiments, sold by the bottle at the Deli and Brew and local ShopRite stores.

Health conscious dining at Louie’s is difficult if financially conscious dining is also considered. Costs reach $10 for chicken spiedie, buffalo chicken and chicken ceasar salads.

An expensive salad option, such as the “Uncle Sam” consists of lettuce, croutons, cukes, tomatoes and Italian giardiniera.

Food styles at Louie’s include span from Louisiana with the Po’ Boy to Western New York with the beef on a weck.

For an entree, I took on the “Cuban” sandwich. The sandwich is a rare find, especially in the Capital Region. Despite being a unique option, the Cuban was not meant to be a $10 sandwich.

The sandwich was delivered in less than ten minutes and dressed to impress with the bread pressed delicately to perfection. It had pork, smoky ham and thinly sliced swiss cheese with pickles. Its downfall was mainly an unsatisfactory size with standard yellow mustard.

I also ordered the “Viking Chicken” in spirit of our neighboring campus. The Viking Chicken sandwich was $9 and came two minutes before the “Cuban” was delivered.
The bacon seemed unnecessary on the sandwich but the chicken was tender and the honey mustard was dense and rich.

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