Student Senate: Decision 2014

Tyler McNeil, Staff Writer

Petitions for Student Senate candidates were due Wednesday, Apr. 9 at the Student Activities office. The candidates for positions in the Student Senate for next semester include Grace Harrison running for president, Myasiah Colon running for vice president, Fanny Motey running for treasurer and Samantha Bedell running for secretary.

Student Senate Senior Elections will be held on Apr. 29 at 10:00 a.m. and Apr. 30 at 5:00 p.m. Election results will be announced on May 31.

Motey, liberal arts major was inspired to run for treasurer when she passed through Guenther Hall a month ago.

“I was walking from the Registrar’s office and I saw a sign advertising the [upcoming elections] near the President’s office,” said Motey. “I knew immediately what I want all along here at Hudson Valley.”

She claims that curiosity is what motivated her.

“I’m also a political science major. I just want to know how the government works and how were funded at any level. I want experiencing balancing the budget,” said Motey. “I won’t be perfect at first but I’ll be determined to advance to that level.”

“My goal [in the Student Senate] is to leave a mark. I want people to leave here far after I leave here and remember me for something I did,”  said Motey on what she wishes to accomplish if voted Treasurer.

Myasiah Colon plans to run for vice president of the Student Senate this upcoming election. Colon, a liberal arts major has been in the Student Senate for the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semester. She will be facing recent Chancellor’s Award recipient, James Greg, in the elections.

Colon stands on a platform of increasing student engagement.

“We need more programs to benefit every student,” said Colon.

Colon believes students are limited in events across campus.

“We need more events to keep students engaged. We need programs that pertains to every student and not just certain students,” said Colon.

Grace Harrison, an individual studies major, is new to the Student Senate and is running for president in the upcoming elections.

“I’ve always wanted to do both Journalism and what is behind it so I started with the Hudsonian first,” Harrison said. “But now, this is my top priority.”

Harrison explained that she first heard about the Student Senate through networking at Hudson Valley. Harrison always wanted to be a participant in the Senate but dual club meetings conflicted with her schedule.

“The organization [lured] me in,” said Harrison. “I’ve always been interested in how the school operates and I know I can make a difference after this race.”

Jessie Tilley beat incumbent  Max Dresser in last year’s Student Senate presidential race in the spring semester.

Early childhood education major and current Senator Erika Pelletier, will be running for student trustee this semester alongside Harrison and Canaan Santiago, who recently took second place in Hudson Valley’s Business Plan Competition. Pelletier was involved with the Senate for the fall 2013 and spring 2014 semesters.

Pelletier said, “Knowing people, feeling involved, really getting to know my college is what makes my position worth standing.”

Every year the Senate has openings for 15 seniors and 10 to 18 freshmen. The term of senior senate members elected spans from June 1 of the spring semester of elected until May 31 of the next spring semester.

Matriculated students represent one class of each academic division including the School of Engineering and Industrial Technologies, the School of Business, the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Health Sciences. Non-matriculated students are represented by three student senators.

If a successor is not selected for every office by the end of this term, a “special” election will be held in the fall semester by the Senate Election Committee with the coordination of Louis Coplin, Director of Student Life or a designee.

According to Student Senate by-laws, students qualified students to run for office are required to have knowledge on the jobs of the college Board of Trustees, Cultural Affairs,  the Faculty Student Association, Student Activities, community service projects and athletics.

James Greg, HVCC student, believes the Senate is in need of an increase in student involvement.

“Even in the senate, there are some people who come to the meetings, do their boards and that’s it. If that’s what you want to do, that’s great, but there are some people who actually want to get involved around campus,” said Greg.

“The greatest goal of ours right now is to make students more aware of what has to be offered around campus,” said Greg.

He recently made a facebook page, hoping to “create a hub” of clubs and organizations across campus to connect with one another.

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