Three arrested on campus for possesion of weapons

Emma Micare, News Editor

Three non-student individuals were arrested on campus Saturday, May 3 around 6:40 p.m. for the possession of weapons. A public safety officer noticed the three individuals in the I-parking lot with a wooden shooting target. The three were throwing knives and other sharp objects at the target.

As public safety officers approached the three individuals due to suspicion, more weapons were found as well.

The three involved were arrested by the Troy Police Department after Peace Officer Jason Vandenburgh and Campus Security Officers Gerald Place and William Lamb were able to detain the three while waiting for police to arrive.

An e-mail was sent to Hudson Valley faculty, staff and students on Monday, May 5, making the campus community aware of what had happened that weekend.

“We wanted to communicate this incident with the faculty, staff and students to alert them of any suspicious behaviors on campus to insure the safety of students, employees and visitors,” said Dennis Kennedy, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing.

Hudson Valley has patrol and public safety officers on campus 24 hours a day, including weekends. There are also surveillance cameras around campus.

There is a zero tolerance policy regarding weapons at Hudson Valley to protect students, faculty, staff and visitors from harm on campus.

“The public safety officers handled the situation appropriately and we made the campus aware and alert to any suspicious behavior,” said Kennedy.

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