Paving the Way for the New Year

Over the summer, parking lots A, H, J, and K, which surround four areas of the campus, were refurbished with new pavement and sidewalks. Along with paving, 30 parking lot lights were replaced by new energy efficient LED lights across campus.

“It was only a temporary [parking lot] and this edition greatly improves the congestion and stress of parking at the college on your first day back,” said Dennis Kennedy, Director of Communications and Marketing on the renovation of parking lot A.

Kennedy said, “It’s the college’s responsibility to make sure parking is as efficient as possible and our projects over the summer, especially in parking lot A, tackled many difficulties that commuters have been faced with so far.”

Parking efficiency was also targeted outside of campus parking lots during the summer project. Drainage repairs were completed on North road to “reduce or eliminate the flooding along [North road] during heavy rains,” said Kennedy .

“Parking is one of many projects we’ve been tackling over the summer to assure the college is at the top of its game with infrastructure when new and returning students arrive in the Fall,” said Kennedy.

New lighting was installed in the McDonough field house to, “improve light quality and reduce maintenance,” said Richard Edwards, Director of the Physical Plant. Fiberglass and aluminum doors replaced old doors in the Sports Complex.

“Old doors were broken and rusted. New doors are maintenance free and insulated to improve the look and efficiency of the buildings,” said the director of Physical Plant. Other changes in the $15 million facility include a wireless scoreboard and a refinished hardwood floor in the gym. The facility, named after Edward McDonough, a former college trustee, was completed in 1991 and claims to attract over 200,000 visitors each year.

Next to the Sports Complex, a new heating and cooling was installed in the art classroom at Hudson Hall. The facility previously had no cooling and heating, and “suffered from cold winter temperatures,” according to the director.

According to the Physical Plant, sidewalks around the Administration building, BTC and in front of the Campus Center were refurbished in July. The project was approved by the Student Senate in the Spring Semester.

Along with pavement maintenance outside the BTC, a new lighting system upgrade was installed in the BTC auditorium.

Multiple upgrades and repairs were added to Joe Bruno Stadium over the summer. Loose rails and the electrical system were repaired in the stadium. New floor drains in the mezzanine area were installed to prevent flooding in the suites.

Upgrades for the college as a whole include a new campus wide building management system controlling the flow of heat in campus facilities. Edwards states, “[This] new upgrade provides new capabilities to allow more central management.”

The physical plant, “created a seamless campus map that accurately depicts the planimetric features including buildings, roads, parking areas, sidewalks and utilities,” said Edwards. The Physical Plant director added, “[a] new campus map was created through photogrammetric mapping and provides [the] Physical Plant with an accurate campus survey and utility locations.”

In Higbee Hall, new finishes were installed including new paint, new floors, stair treads, and ceiling tiles. The Higbee computer room began renovation to “improve efficiency and office flow,” according to Edwards.

According to the Physical Plant, new installations include a National Grid electric feed to enhance electrical service in the area. Edwards stated, “The new Science Center load stressed the existing National Grid service so a new feeder was added to improve service to the Science Center and the surrounding area.”

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