Vikings Football Wrapping up Preseason Strong

The Hudson Valley Men’s Football team looks to have a big season after Saturdays tough scrimmage against Milford.

“I think we are going to be a really good football team,” said Head Coach Mike Muehling.

As the pre-season get close to ending, the Vikings get closer to finalizing the team and getting closer to the start of the regular season.

“We have had around 180-190 kids come through here in the hopes to play,” said Muehling.

Throughout the pre-season, the coaching staff had to make tough decisions on what players to keep and players to cut. The team had about 150 players consistently for a while. “We will get down to about around 90 to 80 players,” said Muehling.

Through this process, he has been happy with what he has seen. “I’ve been pleased with the guys we have in the program. I think they are all here for the right reasons and put the team first,” said Muehling.

Muehling is confident the team will do very well this season, especially after a good game against Milford. “Our goal wasn’t necessarily to beat Milford, our goal was to make sure at the end of this game, Hudson Valley is a better football team,” said Muehling.

One of Muehling’s focuses will be on the depth. “We have to work on our depth. Work on our second and third string guys to where there is no drop off if the first string guy comes out.”

The team hopes to have a big season and the coaches hope to see the players stand out and grow as athletes. “We want to see all of our athletes go to the highest level possible and play at the biggest school they can have success at,” said Muehling.

As the season gets closer to the start, the team will finish off the pre-season with a scrimmage at home against ASA this Saturday at 1 p.m.

“We want to be the best possible team we can be. We want to win every game that we play on our schedule,” said Muehling.

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