Continuing Education Courses Starting Soon at HVCC

Hudson Valley offers a plethora of adult classes that can be taken for experience and skill. They are hosted by the department of Community Education and they offer a wide variety, from karate to jewelry making.

“The college has been offering these credit-free courses since I have been here, so at least 19 years.” said Debbie Shoemaker, Director of Community Education. “It has expanded over the years and grown. [A lot of that] growth was spearheaded by local retired school teacher, Jean Schannette. [She wanted there to be options for] seniors and people living on fixed income. We recruit volunteers and don’t have to pay a salary so it helps keep the cost of these classes down.”

The community education center offers tours to historical sites, museums, even trips to NYC. There are over 50 classes to choose from and registration is open to anybody. “Mostly, we get members of the community but there are no limits, no certificate of residency needed, with some exceptions on the high school equivalency [GED testing].”

The department also offers certificate programs like the Pet Certificate Program which prepares you for the field of animal-related careers. There is also a paralegal program and an alternative dental program. These certificate programs can prepare you for an entry level position in the field. However some people come to these community classes to expand on their current skills and make themselves more “marketable”.

So whether you would like to learn a new skill or want a cheaper alternative to the gym ( the center also offers a range of exercise classes some are priced as low as $60 for 12 sessions), there is something for everybody. The only drawback is that most course offerings do not have the option of financial aid. “For the certificate programs some students take out private loans to cover the cost.”

For more information you can visit the the Office of Community and Professional Education in the Guenther Enrollment Services Center, room 252 or call 629-7339. Go to for a digital brouche.

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