#What’s Vending at HVCC

Two new interactive touchscreen machines replaced older machines on the first floor of the Campus Center.

The older machines were replaced on Aug. 17, one day after student orientation. The Faculty Student Association previously had snack vending services contracted with Next Generation Vending, LLC until the company was bought out by Fraas Services II, LLC on May 16 of this year.

The FSA signed with Prestige Vending, Inc. based out of Clifton Park over the course of the summer. Prestige Vending Inc. was contracted with the FSA for food and vending prior to signing with Next Generation, LLC.

“[Next Generation] has since been sold to a new owner. I’m glad we went back with Prestige. I still feel this is a good solid company. It was a good solid company when I started working here,” said Ann Carrozza, Director of the FSA.

“I like the looks of the machines. I like the fact it seems easier to operate the machines. I like the product choices which we haven’t had in the past,” said Carrozza.

Prestige Vending services asked the Faculty Student Association to raise the price of vending machine snacks on campus and the offer was ultimately declined.

“I think they’re more sufficient but overpriced,” said Matthew Dagehinais, Engineering major.

Vending machines now allow up to $20 whether in cash, credit card or coins. Five dollar bills, one dollar coins and quarters can now be offered in change from the machines.

“It think [the vending machines] are very interesting. It’s different from a high school vending machine so it welcomes students to Hudson Valley with style,” said Gianna Fusco, Theatre Arts major.

A laser that is broken every time a product is dropped. The machine spins its coils three times to release the product when the laser is not broken .

“They take change for large bills, they’re touchscreen and they’re more modern in general,” said Dennis Kennedy, Director of Communications and Marketing.

Nicole Carknard, Psychology major, was not so enthusiastic about the new machines. “Why is everything sold out? It seems to either be sold out or broken down. Everybody wins,” said Carknard sarcastically.

“[The] new vending machines have perks that make me like them, but also features that make me dislike them,” said Kate Milks, Liberal Arts major, “I dislike them because I can’t really see into the machine anymore. It’s nice but if it breaks down one day, it’s not going to work until a technician comes in and fixes it.”

Ty Gosh, Liberal Arts major said, “It brings the vending machines into the digital age. It really helps that we push forward and update our technology.”

He added, “The biggest flaw is that [students] can only tell when it’s out. [Students] can’t tell when the Cheezits or Popcorn chips are sold out or not.”

The two vending machines were placed on the lower level of the campus center due primarily to high student traffic. On Aug. 27 the majority of items in both vending machines were sold out.

One additional vending machine was replaced on the second level of the campus center near the Student Activities office. Carrozza states that all of the vending will not be replaced this semester and another interactive vending machine could be added to the Marvin library.

According to Carroza, the Ice Cream machine is not planned to be replaced within the course of the academic session.

Prior to signing with PepsiCo in 2009, the FSA was contracted with Coca-Cola for soda vending services. Carozza said, “Pepsi has done a good job for us even though enrollment has been challenging for us these past two years.”

As well as vending, PepsiCo. provides a limited service for campus events such as student orientation and sideline packages for the athletic department.

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