Homecoming Fight Investigation At Dead End

Hudson Valley administrators have not been able to identify individuals involved in the fight that ended the Homecoming Dance on Sept. 27.

“The thing that I can share is that I reviewed, and Public Safety has reviewed, the video of the dance and we weren’t able to identify individuals,” said Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Development Alexander Popovics, whose office is overseeing the investigation and disciplinary actions.

The fight inside the Homecoming Dance followed a fight between two females outside the building that drew an initial police response.

The incident report filed by Jason Vandenburgh of Hudson Valley Public Safety states that the two individuals involved in the fight outside the dance were Karina Pierre-Torres and Nina Wilkins. Pierre-Torres is from Colonie and is not a student at Hudson Valley. Wilkins, from Albany, is a student at Hudson Valley. Both were charged with disorderly conduct and summoned to Troy Court.

According to the report, Security Guard Skidmore injured his right shoulder while breaking up the fight between Wilkins and Pierre-Torres.

The report goes on to say, “As I was processing them, another large fight broke out inside the dance the field house involving approximately 50-75 people fighting with each other and staff inside the building.”

Upon review of the security tape, Popovics said, “On the video there were no punches that I saw.”

The investigation is still ongoing, but with regard to identifying individuals involved in the second fight, Popovics said, “That looks like a dead end now.”

“I think it was handled pretty well. What could have been a more uncomfortable situation was handled pretty rapidly,” said Popovics.

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