Week 8 NFL Picks

John C. Longton III

Staff Writer


San Diego at Denver

Finally, a Thursday night game that people are actually looking forward to. This matchup pits the top two teams in the AFC West together in what looks to be an exciting game. Whoever wins this game will set the tone in how the division will pan out. With the emergence of Brandon Oliver the Chargers offense looks like they’ve added another dimension with a back that mirrors Darren Sproles. On the other side, Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning and he will move the ball at will. Expect a decent amount of points as America’s appetite for a good thursday night gets filled. Broncos 30 Chargers 24.


Detroit vs Atlanta (In London)

The game seems to be a good matchup. Both are solid teams. The only problem is that Atlanta has had a tough schedule thus far. They need to start stringing together wins in order to keep their postseason hopes alive. Detroit needs to post some wins as well to keep pace in a tough division. With a neutral site this game can be a toss up. Whoever wins the turnover battle will end up winning this one. Detroit’s top five defence will give them the nod. Lions 27 Falcons 20.


Minnesota at Tampa Bay

If you combined the wins from these two teams at the end of the year you probably still wouldn’t make the playoffs. Luckily someone has to win this one. Both teams are trying to wake up from a nightmare season and are probably looking forward to this favorable matchup. Since the game is in Tampa I think the one hundred fans that show up will give them enough momentum to win by a field goal. Buccaneers 20 Vikings 17.


Chicago at New England

This is going to be a tough game for a Bears team that has to travel east and eke out a win to stay in contention in a tight NFC North. Jay Cutler hasn’t quite made that elite statement and he’s got a tough test facing a top five Patriots defense. The Pats on the other hand have been building some momentum as they push for a top playoff seed. Expect the Bears to want it a little more as they barely get past the playoff bound Pats. Bears 30 Patriots 27.


St. Louis at Kansas City

The Austin Davis era is underway as the St. Louis Rams gasp for air and pray for a miracle. Too bad they play in the toughest division in the NFL. The Chiefs find themselves in a similar situation as they play in a tough AFC West. The Rams have the potential to get overlooked in this game and could shock a lot of people. If Alex Smith doesn’t protect the ball against an underperforming defense there can be a major upset here. Rams 24 Chiefs 17.


Seattle at Carolina

These two teams are poised to make another playoff run and both find themselves in tight divisional races. Cam Newton has been a one man show carrying his offense for most of the season. Don’t think it will be business as usual as this Seattle defense sets the tone and wreaks havoc on Cam and his receivers. Expect Seattle to keep Cam in the pocket and force him to beat them with his arm. After a couple of picks this game will be out of reach. Seahawks 27 Panthers 20.


Buffalo at NY Jets

In surprising fashion the Buffalo Bills are still in contention to contest the Patriots for the AFC East after seven weeks of play. On the other hand the Jets seem like they’re prepping for next year’s draft. Derek Jeter isn’t the only New York sports icon that’s having a farewell tour this year. Rex Ryan will probably be let go after an abysmal season and deservingly so. The Bill’s defense is going to have it’s way with the dumpster fire that is called the Jets offense. Bills 30 Jets 10.


Miami at Jacksonville

The bleeding will stop in Miami as the Dolphins travel upstate and face the Jacksonville University Jaguars. Just like after the Raiders blowout people will say that there’s nothing wrong with the Dolphins and they will challenge for a wildcard spot. If that were only the case. Joe Philbin is showing everyone that he’s not a leader with his mishandling of coaches and players. This win will buy him more time with the organization. Miami’s top ten defense will hold the Jags and win the game. Dolphins 24 Jaguars 13.


Houston at Tennessee

Both of these teams need this win if they want any shot in keeping up with a Colts team that seems to get better every week. Arian Foster is showing flashes from a couple of seasons ago and is putting together a Pro Bowl season. Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to travel to Tennessee and show the Titans that he can manage a game like any other. As long as he completes a couple passes and doesn’t fumble the ball while he hands it to Arian Foster the Texans should win with ease. Texans 20 Titans 13.


Baltimore at Cincinnati

In a rematch of a week one game where the Bengals won 23-16 there is a lot more at stake than most people would have though. The Ravens don’t want to get swept and both teams are in need of a win where they have the unforeseen Browns breathing down their necks. Joe Flacco and Steve Smith have made a great story. The recycled wide receiver looks ten years younger and has become a great story. On the other side the Bengals have a top five offense and could delegate how this game will turnout. Circle this must watch game that should be a close divisional battle. Ravens 27 Bengals 24.


Philadelphia at Arizona

The possible playoff matchup is going to be a great game to watch. This game has the potential for a lot of points with the Chip Kelly no huddle offense and the reemergence of Carson Palmer. Shady McCoy will see the workload that he was given last year due to the injury of newly acquired Darren Sproles. He doesn’t have too favorable of a matchup seeing the Cardinals have a top five rushing defense. Expect a lot of passing out of both teams as the Eagles go on the road and get a much needed win. Eagles 30 Cardinals 27.


Indianapolis at Pittsburgh

The Steelers haven’t had the season that they’d wish for, but could get right back on track with a statement win as they host the red hot Colts. The only problem is they are facing the red hot Colts. With every week that goes by Andrew Luck looks more and more like Peyton Manning as he leads the number one passing offense. The Steelers defense wishes so much that they looked like the one from their last Super Bowl that they went out and signed retired James Harrison. It’s not working and will continue not to in this game. Colts 33 Steelers 24.


Oakland at Cleveland

Who would have thought that the Manzieless Browns would have been in contention to make the playoffs and possibly win the division? With a very favorable schedule the Browns can turn some heads show the NFL that they are not the same old Cleveland team that has rolled over in the past. With the addition on recently cleared Ben Tate and the efficient play of Brian Hoyer this multidimensional Brown’s offense will roll over the Raiders. Oakland has played hard under interim coach Tony Sparano, but they will fall short this week. Browns 24 Raiders 20.


Green Bay at New Orleans

In a primetime battle between two high octane this game will quench America’s thirst for points. Drew Brees is alway good for putting up thirty points at home in the dome and he will need every one against the Packers. The Saints really need a win here as they can easily find themselves on the outside looking in the playoffs with a packed NFC. The Packers on the other hand are in the same boat and this will make for a great Sunday night game. This could come down to the wire and I expect whoever has the ball last to win. Packers 34 Saints 30.


Washington at Dallas

If the Redskins want any shot at having a winning season and have a prayer to win the division they will have to go down to Dallas and steal a win. The Cowboys have clearly exceeded expectations up to this point in the season and seem to have found a winning formula. That formula is to pound the rock with DeMarco Murray and not put the game on Tony Romo’s shoulders. This has lead them to having the number one rushing offense and being able to own the time of possession. If the Redskins take a play out of the ‘Boy’s playbook and try to control the clock they might eke out a win. Not likely though. Cowboys 30 Redskins 20.   


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