Football headed to Kansas for biggest game in over a decade

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The Hudson Valley football team will be traveling to Hutchinson, Kan., on Dec. 6 for their first bowl game since 2003, when they lost to Ellsworth Community College 29-23 in the Graphic Edge Bowl.

The team finished with one of their best seasons since 1996, going 8-1 and being ranked number 19 in the nation. Their success has earned them a spot in the Salt City Bowl. Their opponent will be number four ranked Hutchinson Community College who finished the regular season 10-1.

“We are excited to be a part of the Salt City Bowl and to play one of the top teams in the nation. We had a great season, but it didn’t end how we wanted it to on our last regular season game. We have another chance to redeem ourselves and we are excited about the opportunity,” said head coach Mike Muehling.

Hutchinson is coming off a 10-1 season, having lost only to Iowa Western, ranked second. The Blue Dragons bring in the sixth ranked rushing attack in the nation, led by former Alabama running back Alvin Kamara who is currently committed to Tennessee. Kamara is fifth in the nation in rushing with 1,253 yards and third in rushing touchdowns with 18.

The college was informed that the team got the bid this past week and were happy to get the news out to the campus.

“We were thrilled, humble, and extremely grateful. We understand that it’s a privilege and we are going to enjoy the opportunity to compete as best we can to the best of our abilities and make the best of the opportunity,” said athletic director Kristan Pelletier.

The campus and athletic department were receiving multiple emails and phone calls from fans and supporters congratulating the team on their success.

“I didn’t realize how impactful it was until two or three days after [when] we got phone calls and emails with kind words of support. It’s tremendous for the institution, which is one of the most important things, and I know that these student athletes will represent us well and will bring pride to the institution,” said Pelletier.

The Vikings previously were in two bowl games in 2003 and 1980 where they barely lost both of them. The team will look to make history for the school and win their first bowl game ever.

Going to the bowl game will be a big opportunity for the players on the team looking to transfer to bigger schools and continue playing somewhere else.

“It’s great not for just recruiting but it’s great for the student athletes that are on the team now to get exposure, because there will be a lot of high and mid level college scouts there. It’s great to say to incoming recruits to say that this is what we do and where we are able to send our student athletes,” said Pelletier.

The game will be held on Dec. 6. Kickoff is at 1:07 p.m. Tickets and more details about the event are available at

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