The Book of Mormon review

The Book of Mormon Review


John C. Longton III


The Book of Mormon hit Broadway in March of 2011 and has been dashing audiences and critics ever since. Created by the same two guys that brought you South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have done it again and have their hands in the hottest show on broadway. They spent just about seven years writing and producing the musical until they were satisfied with the final product. Getting a ticket isn’t easy seeing how the show has been sold out for over three years, but if you can get your hands on one I’d highly recommend going to see the show.

The premise of the show follows two relatively new Mormon missionaries as they are chosen to go to Africa and spread the teachings of the book of Mormon. Little did they know that the place in the Sudan that they were picked  to go was a village ravaged by war, disease and famine. As you follow these two Mormon missionaries through their trials and tribulations you realize that you may not agree with the teachings of the book, but you side with the overall message they provide about love and happiness.

Without getting too far into the script and dialogue just know that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have done a brilliant job and in transitioning their talents to the stage on Broadway. They’ve made a few movies and have been creating South Park episodes for decades, but this is their biggest success without a doubt.

With the combination of the musical numbers and the screenplay you find yourself engulfed in laughter and clapping the entire time while taking in the sights and sounds. The show has won numerous awards including, the 2011 Tony award for best musical. Overall The Book of Mormon has received twenty-eight awards and have been nominated in forty seven different categories.

The Book of Mormon did come here to the Palace Theater in Albany. Within a matter of minutes of of going on sale the show sold out. We did have a chance to catch the world renown play right here in our backyard, but now if you wanted to see it you would have to make the trip down to the city. I would highly recommend it. Go down to the city and make a day out of it. A show like this doesn’t come around too often so I highly recommend seeing it before its too late.


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