Spring part-time job fair to be held Feb. 4-5

Durgin McCue

Staff Writer

Hudson Valley will be hosting a part-time job fair in the ground floor lobby of the Siek Campus Center on Wednesday, Feb. 4, and Thursday, Feb. 5. The fair will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day and will be open only to Hudson Valley students.

The Center for Careers and Employment (CCE), which organized the fair, hopes to attract as many students as possible because of the large amount of employment opportunities for students with a variety of skills and interests.

“It’s not field-specified,” said Gayle Healy, the director of the CCE. When asked about a goal for attendance, Healy said, “As many students as we can get; any student that is looking for a part time job.”

The fair will be open to walk-in students as attendees will not be required to sign in or register. Each day will feature 36 different employers seeking part-time employees in a number of fields.

“We’re bringing 72 employers here looking for part time help,” said Healy. “Honestly, I don’t know of a lot of other schools that even do a part-time job fair for their students.”

The fair will host businesses and institutions such as Bob’s Lawn Service and the East Greenbush YMCA seeking to employ eligible individuals during the warmer months of spring and over the summer in outdoor positions such as lawn care professionals, valets, and lifeguards.

Employers at the fair such as Home Depot, Best Buy, and Homegoods will also be seeking to fill positions in retail by hiring sales associates and cashiers.

The fair will also have opportunities for individuals with specialized skills. Some employers will be seeking people with skills or experience in catering, nursing, counseling, automobile repair, finance and banking, IT, electrical systems, or warehouse work.

Recruiters and advisors from some branches of the military will also be in attendance. The Air National Guard, Air Force, Army National Guard, and Army Reserves are all expected to be present.

The CCE organizes these fairs in an attempt to make students’ job searches easier. “Instead of students having to search the job boards, or drive around and submit applications, these employers are here because they want to hire our students,” said Healy. “Think of time that this could save a student in finding a job.”

In addition to attending job fairs on campus, Hudson Valley students seeking employment can visit the CCE, which is located on the second floor of the Siek Campus Center. The staff at the CCE can aid students in their pursuit of employment through a variety of services.

A job fair for those seeking full-time employment will be held on Mar. 10 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the McDonough Sports Complex. This fair will be open to the entire Capital Region community.


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