Emily Mitchell going non-stop all school year


Bobby Colla

Sports Editor

Basketball, soccer, HVCC, Peru and motocross all converge in the life of a person on campus.

As if playing one sport wasn’t hard enough, Emily Mitchell plays not only as a guard for the Vikings Women’s Basketball team, but also as a defensive back for the Women’s Soccer team.

How does she balance two sports along with her schoolwork?

“It just comes down to time management,” said Mitchell.

She currently lives and home and does most of her work there.

“I don’t really party, and I’m very close with my family, so I just go home and do homework,” said Mitchell. She also only works during the summer, which gives her more time for her studies and practices.

Mitchell hasn’t always been in the area. Although she was born in New York, she spent 10 years in Peru.

“That was pretty much my whole childhood,” said Mitchell.

Her family lived in a small town on the edge of a rainforest, where they did missionary work. Beyond missionary work, her family also started what is now a large church.

“We made a church,” said Mitchell. “We started a bible study and it eventually became a whole church of about 300 people,” she said.

After coming back to New York, Mitchell attended Greenville High School, where she played soccer and basketball as well as running track for a couple years.

Now at Hudson Valley, she helped the Women’s Soccer team achieve an 11-4-1 record last season as well as a ninth-ranking in the country. Despite the great record, they were one win short of reaching the national tournament.

“It was a little disappointing, but we had a great season,” said Mitchell.

This season, Mitchell is also playing with the Women’s Basketball team which currently is at 16-7.

“I really want to win,” said Mitchell. She said that it’s difficult to play two sports, but it encourages the drive and competitiveness she has.

Mitchell is currently an individual studies major, but has recently applied to the dental hygiene program. She said she wants to be a dental hygienist, but is not sure if she wants to be a dentist.

“I’d get sick of school,” she said.

While her future is somewhat uncertain, MItchell will be continuing to hustle on and off the court as a Hudson Valley Student.


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