Hockey closes season with frustrating loss

Bobby Colla

Sports Editor

The Vikings struggled all over the ice in their final game, losing 4-1 to the RPI Club Hockey Team on Sunday at the Houston Fieldhouse.

“We can’t focus on the negatives,” said Head Coach Matt Alvey.

One big positive was the game goalie Stephen Reilly had. Reilly saved over 30 shots on goal during the game, but couldn’t make up for HVCC’s floundering defense.

“He had a great game. He’s been doing that all season,” said Alvey.

The Vikings had just four active defensemen on Sunday and that seemed to cost them. “They were exhausted by the end of the game,” said Alvey.

The Vikings had numerous chances to score in the first two periods, but didn’t capitalize. On several occasions the Vikings took shots that missed the goal completely as well as hitting the right post on one occasion.

The Vikings would give up two goals in each of the final two periods, and it took them out of the game completely, according to Alvey. He said, the team was exhausted from being short players and playing two days in a row. The Vikings had won 7-2 at Mohawk Valley on Saturday.

Matt deMoulpied got the Vikings on to the scoreboard with five minutes to go and made it 3-1, but seconds later RPI answered with their fourth goal and closed the game out at that score.

“I was really happy for Matt. He’s done at Hudson Valley at the end of the semester, so I was glad he was able to score,” said Alvey.

The teams got into a couple scrums toward the end of the game. The first of two large incidents happened with seven minutes left in the game near the Vikings goal, when a RPI forward collided with Reilly. Even though the collision was unintentional, the Vikings’ players began yelling at and pushing the RPI players, in defense of their goalie.

When everything was sorted out, Vikings Forward Nick Carrizzo was ejected from the game, but no other punishments were issued, even with several punches thrown by other players.

After the final buzzer the second scrum ensued and it consisted of several punches being thrown by several different players on both teams. It took almost five minutes for the referees to sort through it all.

Alvey said, “It seemed to be emotion drived.”  He said some of the players were playing their last game at Hudson Valley, and some could be playing their last competitive game ever.

The Vikings dropped their tenth loss to finish their frustrating season at 3-10-2 on the year. Alvey said he will stay positive and work toward next season with recruiting and training.

“Tough losing the last game, but every day the guys showed up ready to play. The team showed a lot of character this year,” he said.

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