Snow cancellations give clubs a rocky start

Tyler McNeil

Creative Editor

Snow closings and cancellations have disrupted the agenda of clubs on campus over the past month.

“It’s like missing two days of class. You don’t know what you’ve missed until you come back,” said Jordan Neves, student senator, on the cancellations of two Student Senate meetings on Feb. 9 and Feb. 2.

The snowstorms postponed the all-campus-clubs meeting, which was originally scheduled for Feb. 2 at 4 p.m. The meeting called for clubs and organizations across campus to discuss student involvement.

“Ideally we did want to connect with our clubs on campus right away at the beginning of the semester, so we would have a whole semester and all of those weeks to work with them,” said Grace Harrison, Student Senate president. “I don’t see it as a large disadvantage really. If we have snow [cancellations] on Monday, there might be a problem.”

Harrison said that, despite official meetings for the Senate being cancelled, the cancellations provided an opportunity to work with senate vice president My’Asia Colon, senate secretary Samantha Bedell, and senate treasurer Fanny Motey through informal meetings.

“We did have business that needed to be postponed due to the snow. However, it did give us two weeks to have more unofficial meetings to get a lot of work done on the food pantry and promoting student events. It was good and bad at the same time,” said Harrison.

Unlike the Student Senate president, many other club leaders have reported falling back due to snow cancellations.

“It affects our planning process because that’s the one time where we can come all together and put forth our ideas for what we plan to do for the rest of the semester,” said Joseph Colon, president of the Black and Latino Student Union (BLSU). This semester, the BLSU only met on Jan. 26 prior to their meeting Feb. 16.

“We couldn’t do the mentoring event that we do for young achievers at the YMCA. We haven’t been able to do it this semester. Period,” BLSU member Simeon Hart said.

“We can’t discuss anything like field trips,” said BLSU member Shardonay Trainem about how the recent snow closings and cancellations have affected communication within the organization.

The winter storms have had a big impact on Theatre Club, according to Melody Kruger, secretary of the organization. “We haven’t been able to do anything,” she said.

“We’ve been unable to make any kind of announcements to our club membership,” said Alex Hutchins, treasurer of Theatre Club, saying that members were unable to receive inquiries about bake sales and show dates of their one-act productions next week. The Theatre Club bake sale was cancelled due to the snow on Feb. 2.

Along with club members being unable to receive information, the executive board of Theatre Club has been unable to hold elections. “We’ve been trying to hold elections for the fifth position on our [executive] board, and we’ve been unable to do so for two weeks,” said Hutchins.

The Animal Outreach Club has also been unable to fill vacant positions due to closings and cancellations. “The snow has been bizarre. We’ve gone through the semester without a president,” said Alice Malavasic, advisor to the Animal Outreach Club.

“We’ve had to cancel twice and our dilemma has always been that we have to schedule when students are available — that leaves us with Monday at two. What we’re looking for now is to elect a president that will pick up the slack for the rest of the semester,” said Malavasic.


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