The fresh prez of Hudson Valley, Everett McNair

Durgin McCue

Staff Writer

Everett McNair commutes twenty minutes every weekday from his family farm at Castleton on Hudson to Hudson Valley, where he has had interest in standing next year as Student Senate president.

“At this point I’d definitely like to remain on the Student Senate. Seeing how the senate works, I think the President would be a great role for me,” he said.

McNair is no stranger to the Student Senate executive board. Last year, his sister Natalie McNair was the secretary of the senate, one of four executive board positions.

McNair was the first freshman to hold a position in the student senate this year. After joining the senate in the fall semester, he has been an active member of the body, which allocates funding for student activities.

“I’m supposed to represent the freshman class for the senate. If a bunch of seniors are saying what they think, I’m supposed to make sure my class is represented,” said McNair.

McNair was attracted to attend Hudson Valley by a number of factors “It’s close, so I can save money by living at home.” said McNair.

In addition to saving money, he also is able to continue contributing to his farm.. “We have seven and half acres, so we have a tiny farm kind of thing,” said McNair. His family farm houses a couple varieties of livestock. “We have some chickens, we have two beefalo. They’re half buffalo [and] half cow but they just look like cows.”

Before Castleton-on-Hudson, McNair and his family lived in the southern United States, “Recently, I’m from Castleton, New York for the past 8 to 10 years, and before that we lived in Louisiana for seven years,” said McNair, “you probably can’t tell from my accent.”

McNair spent many years studying music. “I love music,” he said. “I’ve been playing piano since I was three, and I started playing drums when I was in fifth grade.” McNair has received a large amount of recognition for his playing in the Empire Youth Orchestra. He was the co-principal percussionist and co-timpanist for a couple years, once playing at Carnegie Hall.

McNair has also been an avid swimmer since the age of 12 and swims for a club team. Because he was homeschooled McNair had time to practice twice a day. “Last year I started doubling. Most kids swim at night and others swim in the morning with their team” said McNair, “My team just does night practices. So, I started practicing in the mornings to get faster which most kids can’t do because they have to be at school by 7:30.”

Before attending Hudson Valley, McNair was homeschooled by his mother. “I was home schooled my whole life,” he said, “I loved homeschooling; I really enjoyed it.”

Speaking about the transition from homeschool to Hudson Valley, McNair said, “I thought it was going to be worse than it was, but it wasn’t really not that bad. Especially with Hudson Valley [and] the learning assistance center, and the computer help desk, and the writing assistance center, and the science help center. Those were great.”

He continued, “If I was doing trigonometry in high school and I didn’t understand it: first I’d read it, then I’d read it again, and then I’d google it, and then call the guy who wrote the book, and do whatever I had to do to understand it. But the great thing here is if I don’t understand a problem I just ask the teacher.”

Starting in his first semester at Hudson Valley, McNair has pursued an education in engineering science and hopes to transfer to RPI. “I haven’t decided between electrical [engineering] or mechanical [engineering] yet,” he said.

“Hudson Valley has a great reputation in the area for being a good school, also a good transfer school to RPI…I met a lot of people, who are engineers now, who went to Hudson valley and then RPI and were successful.”


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