Alston wins conference player of the year

Bobby Colla

Sports Editor

My’Asia Alston has been raved about by many of her teammates, coaches and even opponents all season, and on Friday she was named player of the year for the Mountain Valley Conference.

“I’m very happy,” said Alston. She is a player that has not shown much emotion all season, but had a large smile on her face when she talked about the award.

“Hopefully I’m the MVP of the regional tournament, because that would mean we won it,” said Alston. She also said that she wants to win, not just for herself but for the team.

Alston dominated all of Region III with her play this season, she scored over 24 points per game, and getting more than 7 rebounds per game.

“We’ve had her the last couple years, and I’ve really watched her grow as a person and as a player and it’s nice to see her hard work pay off,” said Head Coach Kathleen Russell.

Alston is looking to further her education and play basketball in Florida, following her time at Hudson Valley.

One of Alston’s teammates, Sierra Sangetti-Daniels was clearly excited about her teammate’s award. Sangetti-Daniels was also awarded as a member of the Third Team All-Conference.

“That’s awesome. She’s really amazing,” said Sangetti-Daniels. Sangetti-Daniels has been a force of her own, but said it has been an honor to play with My’Asia.

“She does everything on the court,” said Sangetti-Daniels. She said that Alston can score layups in traffic and could hit threes, but also reel in rebounds and play defense.

“I came from High School, where I had a Division I athlete as a point guard, and to play at a Junior college, with a point guard equally as good as her has been awesome,” Sangetti-Daniels said. She was awarded Third-Team All-Conference.

Sangetti-Daniels showed excitement for her own accomplishments, but seemed to show more excitement for Alston’s. She said, “As a player it’s really awesome to be able to play with someone as good as she is.”

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