Sangetti-Daniels upsizes her game

Bobby Colla

Sports Editor

With a decrease in size around her, Sierra Sangetti-Daniels stepped up her game down low for the Women’s Basketball team.

Sangetti-Daniels moved to forward and the low post this season, after playing mostly guard last season. The improvement she showed this season earned her a Third-Team All-Conference this year.

“I’ve worked on my inside game more this year, more on my post moves,” she said. She scored 357 points this season as opposed to her 193 points last season.

Sangetti-Daniels played forward in high school, and said that she is comfortable there. She was moved to guard last season, because of the larger players on the team. This season the team was downsized in both physical size and personnel, so she was moved back. “I like the post better anyway,” she said.

“I’m better at scoring inside. I think I put up more points, because of the move back inside,” she said.

Sangetti-Daniels went to Oneonta High School where she was a part of the state runner-up basketball team in her senior year. Her team lost the state championship game by one point to Irvington High School at the McDonough Fieldhouse.

“My first memory of playing at Hudson Valley was horrible, because it was the end of my high school career. I didn’t know I was going to go to college here,” she said.

“I never wanted to come here again, but then I ended up coming to school here and playing here every week,” she said. She not only came here to play but has taken to the college. She said she has good friends here and loves all her teammates.

“It’s kind of funny how that worked out,” she said.

Sangetti-Daniels is a broadcast communications major at Hudson Valley and spends half of her semester at Hudson Valley and the other half at the New School Radio and Television.

She started in broadcast journalism, which involved more television focused subjects, but is now studying more of the radio side of journalism.

“I like it, because I got to kind of see both sides of the major.” she said.

My’Asia Alston has played two seasons with Sangetti-Daniels, and said, “I’m glad I met her, she’s a really good person.”

“She’s a really good team player. She brings up our intensity a lot,” said Alston. Alston has had her own successes, but showed happiness about her teammate’s accomplishments as well.

Alston said she has enjoyed their two seasons together, and also said, “I like to play with her. She’s a good teammate.”


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