This year puts the “madness” in March Madness


By Bobby Colla

Sports Editor

March Madness has been all of what it’s cracked up to be so far this year.

The round of 32 has finished and the Sweet Sixteen is set to start in the NCAA Tournament. At this point many people have had their brackets fall apart and have given up.

The biggest positive for many of these disappointed fans is the quality of the games, and the presentation they have watched them in, this year.

The way the games have been scheduled this year has been fantastic because they have been staggered instead of playing them in concurrent time slots. That has allowed the games to end at different times and the viewers at home not to have missed the final seconds of any game.

In addition, the games themselves have been great. Many games have come down to the wire, to this point in the tournament.

There were five upsets in the tournament’s round of 64, and that number could have been a lot larger if things had gone just a little different at the end o some games.

There were four one-point games in the first round, and of the 28 other games, nine finished with a margin of six or less and eight others finished with a margin of ten or less.

The round of 32 has did not disappoint either.

Notre Dame defeated Butler in a great overtime battle on Saturday and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen with a total margin of just seven points in their first two games in the Tournament.

NC State has also had two big wins against formidable opponents. They beat LSU 66-65, after trailing for the entire game. And then beat the No. 1 seeded Villanova in the round of 32 by staying a few points ahead for most of the game and finished at 71-68.

Kentucky is the favorite and has bulled over their first two opponents, but there’s a reason it is called March Madness, anything can happen from the sweet sixteen on.

The tournament continues on and we can only hope that it gets better from here on out.

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