New Outdoor Athletic Complex fully funded


After several years of raising money, Hudson Valley’s new athletic complex got fully funded on April 1 as part of the New York State budget.

“The new complex is going to give all the athletic teams at Hudson Valley a home field that they know will be in quality shape and be able to use it year round,” said Football Head Coach Michael Muehling.

Hudson Valley was able to raise around 1.7 million dollars for the new sports complex.  New York State matched the 1.7 million which granted Hudson Valley the ability to build the complex.

“I thought it was a long time coming and something the school needs,” said Muehling.

The fundraising project was helped out by several corporations around the region, members on the FSA board of directors, donations from student senate, and individual donations from many people.

“This project has been the brainchild of several members of the campus community including Dr. Alexander Popovics, Ann Carrozza and myself for approximately four years now. We were committed to ensuring this project came to fruition and it is exciting that is has,” said Athletic Director Kristan Pelletier.

There is currently a football field, and a separate field that is used by the soccer teams and the lacrosse team.  Both of the fields are made up of natural grass which can make playing a game or practicing difficult at times.

“The field deteriorates very quickly and we need to be able to upgrade those facilities so I was very pleased that was included because our students deserve to play on quality turf,” said Hudson Valley President Drew Matonak.

One big factor that Hudson Valley is hoping to come out of the new sports complex is bigger recruiting and better talent.

“I think it helps with recruiting because now-a-days most high schools are moving more towards that field surface,” said Muehling.

Kristan Pelletier believes the new upgrade will have an immediate and substantial impact.  “It will help with recruiting in our athletic programs as well as the general student population,” said Pelletier.

“It’s a complete advertisement for the facilities at Hudson Valley,” said New York State Senator Neil Breslin, who believes that local high school students who play on the new field will consider participating in college athletics at Hudson Valley.

The addition of a turf field will lead to more consistent playing grounds, whereas on the current grass fields, there are divots and holes which lead to constant change in how practices and games are played.

“With grass you have to continually adapt as the season goes on, whereas turf, it will be consistent all year round,” said Muehling.  “With football, the biggest area of consistency will be footing.  With our field currently, depending on the weather and field conditions, it is going to affect our players.”

The athletic department feel that Hudson Valley sports will be bigger contenders in the future with the new sports complex.

“We will be able to compete with the other institutions in the Mountain Valley Conference & Region III,” said Pelletier.

Hudson Valley will also be able to open the field to the community and host other sporting events across the capital region.

“If we’re able to have a facility that can endure more activity then we’re able to open it up to the community more than we currently do,” said Matonak.

The athletic complex along with the college hope to have the finished product completed and ready for use in time for the fall sports in 2016.

“There are a lot of things athletics are going to see change for the better.  We are going to get a lot more interest and a lot more students,” said Muehling.

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