Annual Spring Fest to provide free food, entertainment

Durgin McCue

News Editor

Spring Fest will be held this Thursday, Apr. 23, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in front of Hudson Hall. The event will offer free food and live music for the enjoyment of Hudson Valley students. The event will also feature a number of tables hosted by clubs.

Traditional barbeque foods such as BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, cornbread, and mac n’ cheese will be served.

The musical guests at the event will be DJ Iroc and Lucid Dreams. Lucid Dreams, a two-man group, performed and won first place at the fall 2014 Hudson Valley talent show.

A caricature artist will be in attendance at the event. There will also be T-shirt giveaways for students to attend.

According to Jordan Neves, a member of the Student Senate, the event was planned based on what students wanted. “We have to decide on what students would best like, and we have to work with those ideas and our budget to create the most fun and memorable environment possible for our students,” said Neves.

Neves said that the event was changed slightly this year to accommodate students’ wishes. “We changed the food, tried to get food that students would like more, and we now are having a club fair at Spring Fest as well,” he said.

The club fair was combined with Spring Fest in the hopes of increasing student involvement. A total of 17 clubs plan to be present, including the Black and Latino Student Union, the Investment Cub, and Cosplay Club. The Student Senate will also host a table at Spring Fest.

“We are trying something new,” said Adam Day, another member of the Student Senate. “We hope that students will sign up and see what we have to offer on campus.”

According to Day, there will be performances from the Cheerleading Club and Choir Club during the event.

“The smaller clubs are the ones I’m really excited for,” said Day. “They have a harder time recruiting people. We have a lot of smaller clubs on campus that are really interesting.”

My’Asia Colon, vice president of the Student Senate, hopes that more students will attend Spring Fest this year than last year.

“Hopefully, because of the increased club involvement [and] performances we will see higher numbers this year,” said Colon. “I estimate about 1500 students will be in attendance.”

According to Colon, the planning of the event started in the fall semester at one of the first Student Senate meetings. “Honestly, it’s a long process,” said Colon. “It started at the beginning of the academic year.”

This year’s Spring Fest budget was $22,000 for the combined expenses of food and entertainment.

Jordan Neves said that the main goal of Spring Fest is to entertain the students of Hudson Valley.

“We hope to bring some fun into the students’ day, as well as try and get everyone more engaged and aware of what goes on around campus,” said Neves. “This is a fun environment where students can mingle, meet others and have fun.”

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