Candidates create parties for senate elections

Durgin McCue

News Editor

Of the three Hudson Valley students running for president of the Student Senate, two are members of parties created for this election. Everett McNair is the head of the LEAD party and Chad Albright recently formed the Viking party with Bryce Kirk.

The LEAD party consists of Everett McNair, Casey Angello, Brody O’Connor, and Josiah Dillon. McNair, who is the current freshman president, hopes to ascend to the role of President of the Student Senate.

According to the LEAD party statement, “Everett enjoys collaborating with his team to spearhead the Student Senate in effectively serving the student body. His goals are to: Learn what interests students, Educate himself with this information, be an Advocate for students, and further Develop a competence and camaraderie student government. Thus the acronym LEAD.”

Angello is running for the position of vice president of the Student Senate. The vice president’s role is primarily to plan events hosted by the Student Senate. McNair believes that Angello will be a good fit for this role.

“Casey, our vice president, is a member of the hockey team. His outgoing personality will serve him well in organizing student activities,” said McNair.

McNair believes that both O’Connor and Dillon will be beneficial to the senate because of their backgrounds in business.

“Josiah Dillon has a strong business background. He is perfect for the position of treasurer,” said McNair. “The other member of the Investment Club in our party is Brody. His meticulous attention to detail will enable him to serve as an efficient secretary.”

McNair also believes that O’Connor and Dillon’s business skills will be reflected in the policies of the LEAD party, saying, “The responsible and efficient spending of money will be a strong characteristic of the LEAD party.”

Albright and Kirk, both of the Viking party, are running for the positions of president and vice president against McNair and Angello.

Albright, running for president, says that a major position of the Viking party will be encouraging more students to join the Student Senate.

“Not enough people are involved in the Student Senate,” said Albright. “I want to encourage more people to join the senate. Then we will have more diversity in the decisions that are made in the school. I want more opinions.”

Another major goal of the Viking party is the revival of the radio club. “The senate cut their budget to the point that they could no longer broadcast as frequently as before. Hudson Valley is a college that represents Troy at large. This radio will reach the community beyond the campus,” said Albright.

Albright believes that a lot of what he brings to the Viking party comes from his ability to “think outside the box.”

“I can be very creative,” said Albright. “When a thought comes to me, I act on it.”

Albright also believes that his communication skills and long-term perspective will help him accomplish goals. “I’m more big-picture-oriented,” said Albright. “That’s what required by the position.”

According to Albright, the Viking party’s vice presidential candidate, Bryce Kirk, also provides support to the party. Albright also says that Kirk is well suited for the position because of his ability to communicate with the campus.

“Bryce is outgoing and has connections with a large number of people on campus,” said Albright. “He will be able to effectively communicate the agenda of the senate to students on campus.”

Albright also hopes that he will be able to link student volunteers from Hudson Valley with programs at local hospitals.

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