Decision 2015: Secretary Election Guide


Name: Brody O’Connor

Hometown: Ballston Spa

High School: Ballston Spa High School

Major: Business Administration

Why are you running for this position?

Secretary: My first semester at Hudson Valley, I heard very little from or about the Student Senate. I was unaware of all the events they host and all of the other ways they help improve student life on campus. In my mind, that is a big issue that I think needs to be addressed. After joining Senate this semester, I learned about all the great things they do. The Senate does an excellent job with events and helping clubs, but there is a disconnect in communication with the student body. I am running to help improve communications between students and the Senate.

Trustee: Student Trustee plays a crucial role in the college’s well being, and I think it is important that the trustee is able and willing to communicate with all groups of students around campus to learn the issues and bring them in front of the Board of Trustees. As a member of several clubs around campus, I have a very diverse group of friends that I believe would allow me to learn the issues necessary to work on as trustee.

What are your experiences that qualify you as a good candidate?

I am a Freshman Senator and have used this past semester to learn all about the Senate and what they do/how they do it. I’ve learned what they are really about and what they do successfully and what needs work. I served a semester as Secretary of the Hudson Valley Entrepreneurs Club and now serve as Vice President. I also volunteer as a tax preparer for low-income families and seniors, so organization and accurate record-keeping have become second nature to me.

How would you use your position to improve student life at Hudson Valley?

As Secretary, I would use the position to improve communication between Student Senate and the student body. As trustee, I plan to spend the time necessary to talk to people from all around campus in order to truly learn the most important issues at the college, and relay these issues to the Board of Trustees so that solutions can be created that will better the campus and the college as a whole.

What are some specific goals or initiatives that you will pursue if elected?

My main focus for both offices, if elected, will be communication. As a member of the LEAD Party, our goal is to Learn the issues of the students, Educate ourselves regarding the issues and potential solutions, Advocate for the issues in front of the Senate, and continue to Develop the solutions over time.

Student Senate leadership positions require the ability to effectively handle challenges. What is an example of you doing this in the past?

Last semester I joined Investment Club and attended the trainings associated with it. The trainings are once-a-week meetings where any member can go to learn more about investing, listen to lectures, and ask questions. They had extreme potential but were still in the early stages of development. I saw the opportunity to really expand them and make for a great learning experience for anyone who was interested. This semester I became the Head of Training and have made them more organized and interactive. I have put a lot of time into extensive planning and preparation for the training sessions in order to get the best possible outcome. Attendance has gone way up and people have learned a lot this semester which will continue next year and beyond that.

What are your plans after leaving Hudson Valley?

My plan is to attend a four-year school and complete my bachelor’s in accounting, then likely enroll in a graduate program studying taxation.

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