Spring Fest a success despite wintry weather


Nichole Danyla

Staff Writer

Despite the chilly weather, there was a large turnout at this year’s Spring Fest. There were also some new events this year, including club tables and booths for the candidates running for the Student Senate.

Daniel Burgher, a criminal justice major, said, “I like Spring Fest, it’s kind of lit.” He enjoyed DJ IRoc and really liked the Entrepreneurs Club and the Student Senate booths.

According to Grace Harrison, it was Senior Class President Adam Day’s idea to have clubs put out a booth at Spring Fest. His hope was to encourage more people to join clubs next year.

“I think it’s a great idea that should have been implemented sooner,” Harrison said.

Student Senator Bintou Cisse said she thought the club tables were a good idea too. “Anyone who walks up [to Spring Fest] today can know what they can expect from this college.”

Lorraine LaRock, a theater major, agreed, saying, “There’s no way to really know what clubs there are. I didn’t know half these clubs existed before this.”

The clubs also liked using Spring Fest as a way to draw attention to themselves.

Alex Hutchins, an individual studies major and treasurer of the Theatre Club, said, “We hope to get more people into the theatre. A lot of people don’t know we have a theater department and a Theater Club.” To raise awareness, the club put out props from their shows that students could take pictures with, and asked them to post the pictures on the club’s social media pages. They also had a few members dress up and perform dramatic readings for the crowd.

The Engineering Science Club’s booth sported a working catapult with members of the club catching candy that was launched at them. They also launched corn on the cob and even bits of a brownie into Student Senate Presidential candidate Everett McNair’s mouth. McNair is now president-elect of the Student Senate.

Sandra Thomas, a business administration major and member of the Entrepreneurs Club, was using Spring Fest as a market research tool to see how students responded to several different fliers for her businesses.

Melody Kruger, president of the Choir Club Voices of Valhalla, said the club was struggling this year so was excited to set up their booth. “It’s always good to get more members,” she said.

Soon after my interview with Kruger, students surrounded her booth.

Austin Alban, an architecture major, was less than optimistic about turnout to his booth for the Gardening Club. “I know there’s not much of appeal to a gardening club, but we’ll take what we can get.”

However, not everyone was so pessimistic. Individual studies major Lennox Degrasse said, “I didn’t think it was going to be this interesting. I’m glad I decided to come, it hasn’t been a letdown so far.” He especially liked the free food.

Students stayed out wandering around the booths, eating food, and listening to music despite the cold and even after it started to snow.

DJ IRoc provided most of the music. Lucid Dreams, who have performed at Hudson Valley events in the past, also did a set. However, during one of their songs Lucid Dreams used the N-word more than 14 times.

According to Student Senate Vice President My’Asia Colon, both the Student Senate and Director of Student Life Louis Coplin had asked Lucid Dreams not to use profanity in any of their songs when they were hired.

However, everyone in general seemed to be happy with Spring Fest, even if Mother Nature was a bit confused.

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