Students flock the Evening Student Reception

Jefri Nazri

Staff Writer

The Office of Continuing Education, Summer Sessions, and Workforce Development hosted its biannual Evening Student Reception last Wednesday, Apr. 22, in the Siek Campus Center. Around 100 students and instructors attended the event during their regularly scheduled breaks from their evening classes to enjoy food, listen to music played by a DJ, enter a drawing to win gift cards to the Viking’s Cove Bookstore, and socialize with their peers.

Fresh seasonal vegetable crudités, sliced fruit, nachos with cheese and salsa, marinara meatballs, Buffalo wings, and barbecue wings were served at the reception.

Firdous Madany, a liberal arts and sciences major, said, “It was really excited, a lot of people showed up and we were all dancing and having fun. The DJ played great music. I have never seen the second floor of the Campus Center so packed before. The food was amazing, and I even had seconds. The food was great, but the opportunity to socialize was even better, because it was a relief to have a break from night classes.”

Student Senate Treasurer Fanny Motey said, “I’ve never attended [the reception] before. In my point of view, we had a great turnout. A lot of people showed up. I heard that past Evening Student Receptions didn’t really gather a lot of attendance. What I really liked about the reception is that it gave the campaigners that were running for the Student Senate elections a chance and opportunity to socialize with students and also pass out fliers and introduce themselves, because usually evening students don’t generally know about elections, so I thought it was a great way for the campaigners to meet up with evening students.”

Jordyn Applebaum, an individual studies major, said, “The reception was an enjoyable time and a great event for me to get myself incorporated with new faces at HVCC that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting before! I had the opportunity to eat great food, hit the dance floor and get to know the different parties campaigning for office! I hope Hudson Valley continues to hold events for the students like this, while getting more students active in participating in these events. A very positive end to my semester at HVCC.”

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