Touchscreen vending machines replaced following poor reception

Shakeema Hill

Staff Writer


Less than a year after two touchscreen vending machines were installed on the ground floor of the Siek Campus Center, they were replaced by new machines without touchscreens.

The replacement machines were installed during the beginning of summer classes May 18 by Fraas Services II.

Ann Carrozza, executive director of the Faculty-Student Association (FSA), explained that she and Fraas Services II agreed on reverting back to the older-style machines to make the process of buying snacks faster and more efficient for students on the go.

Carrozza said, “The machines are usually well maintained. The vending machine company came to me and said, ‘Do you mind if we switch the vending machines out with the regular machines because they aren’t making what we should?’” The touchscreen vending machines just weren’t popular enough to generate funds.

Some users of the touchscreen vending machines reported having trouble using the screen to correctly select the item they wanted.

Kaitlyn Henry, a childhood education major, said, “I noticed a few machines were new, and I think change was a good improvement.”

“I have noticed there has been a change with the vending machines,” said liberal arts student Ligeia Person. She said, “Either way, having a vending machine is great, but it is always great to have the full visual of all the snacks it has to offer, rather than having to wait for the screen to twist.” The touchscreen machines had visual displays that cycled through potential snack selections, rather than showing all available items at once.

Biological sciences major Alaynah Harlow said that she wasn’t aware that the vending machines had changed. “To be honest, I don’t use vending machines. Too much junk food for me,” she said, adding that the change must have been for the best and that she trusted the college’s decision.

Rhea Weber, another biological science major, said, “I didn’t recognize the change, but if there are healthier snacks, then yes, it would be an improvement.”

The vending machines could annually generate between $88,000 and $130,000 for the FSA. The funds will be used to improve facilities on campus such as the science building and the daycare center. The FSA also funds campus events such as orientation and Welcome Week.

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