Sharing the fun, wild and absurd side of summer

Jenny Caulfield

Staff Writer

Although most of us spent our summer sitting around eating and watching Netflix, some people actually made productive strides with their time, or, at the least, had a little fun. There are of course your usual trips to camps and vacations, but some students had extraordinary experiences during their time off.

Sneezing on late-night talk show hosts

“I sneezed on Jimmy Fallon!” said Woody Miller, who accidentally sneezed on the comedian at a live recording of his show in New York City. Miller said that Fallon came out to the crowd after the show to give rounds of high fives, and as Fallon reached his seat, Miller sneezed on his arm.

Stage diving at Upstate Concert Hall

“I did my first stage dive this summer,” said first-year student Brittany Troy. Troy attended a pop-punk show by the Capital Region’s own State Champs at Upstate Concert Hall in July. During one of their songs, Troy crowd-surfed to the front of the venue, climbed up onto the stage, and flung herself into the hands of the crowd.

Heading across the pond

First-year student Ryan Smith went on a trip to Europe organized by his high school. Smith traveled with some members of his senior class. He said, “In Rome, I went to the catacombs and the coliseum where the gladiators fought. In Greece, I went to Athens, the first-ever Olympic stadium, and I went on a cruise through all of the Greek islands.”


Student Jon Delong ran nine miles in a row. And, he said, “I ate a whole pizza.” Somehow more impressive than his running, he ate an entire 12-cut pizza on his own, in one sitting.

Cliff jumping

Second-year student Tierney Carey and first-year student Jerry Angelo Torres both went cliff jumping. “I had to use a rope to get up to [the cliff],” said Torres, who went cliff jumping in the Catskills. “I was scared because it felt like forever, but it was fun in the end.”


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