Michigan-based craft show brings countryside goods to McDonough

Shakeema Hill

Staff Writer

The Country Folk Art Craft Show was held in Hudson Valley’s McDonough Sports Complex from Friday, Sept. 11, through Sunday, Sept 13. Vendors from across the country came out to sell their crafts and promote their businesses.

Vice President and Show Producer Keith Blakely said, “We have about 65 exhibitors here this weekend. This is one of our smaller venues. We’ve had some retailers go to [other] venues. This is because of other events being moved due to Labor Day weekend.”

Despite the $7 admission fee, the event was popular. Attendees crowded the show floor. People were allowed readmission if they had their entry pass stamped for the whole weekend.

“What we have here is retailers who come from all over the U.S. selling handmade arts and crafts, as well as those who buy and sell goods,” said Blakely. Vendors’ products ranged from handmade home decorations to jewelry, Halloween decorations, and food.  

One vendor that stuck out was Bath Fitter, an Albany-based business, whose display was a bathtub on wheels with a TV inside. They offered to remodel bathrooms in one day, guaranteed. They also offered a lifetime guarantee. Jessica, an employee at the event, said, “We’re willing to do free home estimates. We are not too costly, just a little more [pricy] than Home Depot. … We actually make out pretty good at these events and get a lot of new business.”

Another vendor was an Amish business from Pennsylvania called Stony Hall Furniture Shop, which was founded in 1991. Although the name describes it as a furniture shop, they also sold Amish homemade baked goods such as moon pies of various flavors, pumpkin rolls, and bread. Their space was crowded with attendees, many of whom said they planned to return the next day.

Blakely said that the Country Folk Art Craft Show was moved 12 years ago from Saratoga Springs to Hudson Valley. Speaking of the show’s history, Blakely said, “We are a Michigan-based company. We are 33 years running, and we are family-owned and operated.”

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