Alive and kicking: Elidon Bardhollari hits goals beyond the net

Sam Kobylar

Staff Writer

After growing up just 20 minutes away from Hudson Valley and attending High School at Colonie Central High School in Albany, New York, Elidon Bardhollari has become a huge asset for the Vikings Men’s Soccer team. Entering his sophomore year at Hudson Valley, Elidon has been a key part to the soccer team’s early success so far this season. Bardhollari is currently second on the team with 14 points. He is also tied for the team lead with 6 goals.

Part of Bardhollari’s success in soccer might be because he started to play at a very young age. Bardhollari has been playing soccer since he was 8 years old and his father really influenced him to play soccer. Bardhollari has a huge passion for the game and loves to play as a team.

“I love to become a family with my team and being successful,” said Bardhollari on why he loves the game of soccer.

Since Bardhollari has been playing soccer for most of his life, he has participated in so many games through high school and college soccer. While Bardhollari is having a very productive season at Hudson Valley this year, he enjoyed his high school playing days at Colonie Central High School as well.“We were a close group there. We were just a complete family there and it was just a great time,” said Bardhollari.

Bardhollari has been a successful soccer player all of his life and has had many successful moments.

Growing up in Colonie, New York and not sure what he wanted to do with his life coming out of high school, which made coming to Hudson Valley an easy decision as he grew up close by.

“At first I was in individual studies and then I switched over to a business degree. I just have to decide on what I want to do,” said Bardhollari on deciding to come to Hudson Valley out of high school.

Bardhollari still isn’t sure yet what he wants to do after Hudson Valley. When asked about his plans after Hudson Valley, he said, “I got a couple of schools in mind but I’m still trying to figure it all out and just putting it all together.”

Elidon Bardhollari looks to build on his solid start to the season as him and the rest of the Men’s Soccer Team hope to finish this season on a positive note.

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