Large turnout expected at Fall fest according to senate

Durgin McCue, News Editor

The promise of “Free food, entertainment and games!” is expected to attract hundreds of students to Thursday’s Fall Fest at Joe Bruno Stadium. The event, which runs from 11:30 a.m. until 2 .pm. will feature barbeque style dining, the Viking Cup softball game and a caricature artist.

According to Student Senate Treasurer Josiah Dillon, the offering of free food is expected to draw in many students. “We know it’s going to be popular with everybody. everybody loves the food,” said Dillon. “We are doing the barbeque chicken we had at one of the days during welcome back week. It seemed to be everybody’s favorite.”

“I think the cartoonist drawings are what the students will enjoy the most,” said Dillon. “I remember seeing that last year and thinking that it was really cool, so we brought it to fall fest.”

The event is being held at Joe Bruno stadium primarily because of the Viking Cup softball game, which will begin at noon and run until 1 pm. Students can sign up for the game at the student activities office to play against Hudson Valley staff.

According to Student Senate Vice President Bryce Kirk, the senate has put a large amount of effort towards attracting students to the event. “I think we have done an excellent job advertising for it,” said Kirk. “I think we have a lot of students that are going to attend. We have a lot of kids that have signed up to participate in [the viking cup]. I think that having them participating in it, and them having a lot of friends is going to get a lot of people to go over there.”

“We had to cut back on a lot of stuff because we spent a lot on welcome week,” said Kirk. “So, this going to be not a smaller event, but more laid back.”

Dillon is confident that despite the large amount of money spent on welcome week, students will see little change in the number of events held on campus. “I think you’ll still see the same events as we have had in the past. Really the only changes was taking the welcome back barbecue and turning it into an experience to welcome students. It was kind of used almost as advertising for our other events,” he said.

According to Dillon, the Student Senate will be able to provide the same level of effectiveness as last year. “We are very happy with where we are this year financially,” he said.

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