Fall Fest draws large crowd despite weather

Matt Whalen


For the second year in a row, the students defeated the staff in the softball game during Fall Fest to hold on to the Viking Cup.

“Even though the weather was cold, it was a nice break from classes to get food and watch the game,” said Fine Arts Major Michela Semenza.

The Student Senate put on the annual Fall Fest for the students and faculty at Joe Bruno Stadium last week. “The free food and games is what attracts me,” said Physical Education major Craig Hardgers. “It is a great idea to have these events for the students, especially when we are all trying to save money.”

Lunch included barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, corn bread, cookies and fruit. The event also held the softball game between the students vs. staff.

The event was free to all students and drew a large crowd given the weather conditions.  Second year physical education major DeAngelo Simpson loves going to these events and seeing his friends. “Seeing my team come together and meeting other people makes these events more fun,” he said.

This is the biggest event that the Student Senate has hosted since Welcome Back Week. The staff will have to wait yet another year to attempt to win back the Viking Cup against the students in next year’s Fall Fest.

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