Bury the basic. Buy fall chic.

Samantha Longton

Staff Writer

With temperatures dropping, students might want to reconsider wearing flip flops and crop tops and go for something a little warmer. Styling fall outfits is mostly about comfort, especially for students. “I look at the weather first,” said Shannon Donovan, radiology student, explaining how she picks out her own outfit combinations.

Some students believe that mid-October is a little too early for the infamous Ugg boots so you might want to hold off on those for just a little longer

Stick with leggings, boots and an oversized sweater. This is considered a cute and easy way to style for fall.

“My advice is not to wear brown and black together. Try to color coordinate,” said Brittany O’Brien, social technology student. The only exception to that is leggings. Black leggings practically go with anything, even brown.

Some would steer away from the printed leggings and go with something more basic. When someone has basic and solid colors, the outfit combinations are endless.

Fall colors are also key when picking out an outfit. Since the weather is changing, bright and white combinations might not be the best choice. Colors that are coming out and becoming increasingly popular are more on the darker end of the spectrum. Burnt orange, army green, deep reds and darker blues are starting to creep into what’s trending.

When it comes to guys, joggers sweats or jeans paired with a t-shirt topped with a flannel is another effortless look. A few male students said that they traded in their shorts for khakis to kick off fall fashion. “For guys, I’m definitely looking forward to more flannel wear, khakis, boots, sweaters and winter beanies,” said Connor Tuttle, digital media student.

“Boots, leg warmers, big sweaters and scarves are my favorite thing” said Kristyn King, individual studies student. “I see a lot of leggings and denim jackets that are coming back,” said King.

The most common places you can get great fall fashion finds are at stores like Forever 21, Hollister and Old Navy. If anyone is looking to spruce up their wardrobe, those stores might be their best bet.  

Being comfortable in what you wear is a key element in staying both warm and fashionable in the changing of seasons.

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