Student charged after bringing a rifle to campus

Durgin McCue

News Editor

Jordan Lourie, 27, was arrested by campus safety officers after a student noticed a rifle in the back of Lourie’s vehicle last Thursday morning. Lourie, charged with criminal possession of a weapon, is required to appear in North Greenbush town court.

Fred Aliberti, director of public safety, described Lourie as cooperative when campus safety officers removed him from his class in the Viking Daycare Center. “He was not threatening in any way,” he said. “He had no intent to use it, but the fact is that you can’t have a firearm on campus.”

The North Greenbush police department described the rifle in question as a .22 caliber Mossberg long rifle with no ammunition. At the time of the arrest Lourie stated that the rifle was being used for target practice and he had forgotten it was in his car.  

Alberti believes a firearm on campus can still be a hazard even if the owner has no malicious intentions. “Let’s say a bad guy saw the rifle through the window, broken the glass and maybe done something bad on campus,” said Alberti.

Aliberti teaches a college forum class where he discusses the importance of keeping firearms off campus. “If you’re going hunting or target shooting, don’t bring the gun to school afterwards,” he said.

According to the North Greenbush Police Chief Robert Durivage, Lourie was released after being questioned and determined not to be a threat. “We felt that given the circumstances it was appropriate,” said Durivage.


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