Drone hovers over the campus map

Matt Whalen


“I think drones are useful for a lot of different programs like photography, the art department, and for creative project use,” said director of Public Safety Fred Aliberti.

Throughout the last few weeks, there has been talk about the controversies of using drones.  During Hudson Valley’s new marketing campaign, the school brought in a team that used a drone to shoot video.

The marketing department at Hudson Valley had a choice between regular cameras to shoot a new commercial, or using a drone. They chose to use the drone.

“For the TV execution of ‘That’s Bold,’ we want to create an impression that shows off Hudson Valley Community College in a bold way using a drone to film unique points of view,” said account manager of IdeaAgency Jen Obregon.

According to Aliberti, the school does not have a set-in-stone policy for the use of drones on campus.  He explains that the main concern is to make sure everyone is safe and that whoever is controlling the drone knows what they are doing.

“We are going to look at it on a one on one basis, depending on the student or professor and what they will be using it for,” said Aliberti.

The marketing agency IdeaAgency had professional drone operators that made sure the safety regulations were in place and made sure the drone flew smoothly.  

“When I noticed the team using the drone, it wasn’t too crowded and in the afternoon,” said Aliberti.  “I think that is what we are going to look at. If you want to use a drone for a project to shoot video or photos, we want to make sure there isn’t a big crowd.”

One of the main concerns of the school and drone flight in general is who the person operating the drone is.  According to Aliberti the school is more open to letting established professionals use drones.

“I think the worst part is that it’s in the skill of the operator. It’s one thing if you have a small drone and just want to use it on the weekends in the parking lot,” said Aliberti. As the school works to get a policy in place for the use of drones, they will go about it based on the situation, the operator and most of all, safety.

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