Emma Dillon elected Freshman Class President

Jenny Caulfield

Staff Writer

Emma Dillon was officially sworn in as the freshman class president on Nov. 2.

“I had adrenaline pumping through my blood,” said Dillon upon finding out she had won the presidency on Oct. 29.

Dillon won the seat with 137 votes. “It was fun, and I was really excited to have won after putting in all the effort,” she said.

“The election is over, but the campaign isn’t,” said Manik Elahi, one of the three candidates that ran for the position.“Almost one hundred people voted for me, so I’m not about to let those hundred people down after the elections are up.”

Out of the 6,033 eligible students, only 300 students voted. Elahi had 98 votes and Pelletier had 53 votes. Twelve students abstained from voting.

“I feel pretty good. We have somebody who I know will do a great job in office.” said Stephen Pelletier, the other candidate for freshman class president.

Despite losing the race for the presidency, both Elahi and Pelletier stay active in the Senate by attending the weekly Student Senate meetings. “I’ve been attending these meetings since I started attending Hudson Valley,” said Pelletier.

“I feel as though it’s an obligation to come,” said Elahi about attending the Student Senate meetings. “I’ve been attending the meetings since the semester essentially began, because I’ve been associated with the senate since last semester.”

“I’m hoping to be appointed as a senator,” said Pelletier. Both Elahi and Pelletier see a position as senator in their future.

Pelletier has already started to go through the process of becoming a student senator. “I started by sending out emails to the executive board members, so that way I can hopefully meet with them and get my interviews done. I know that working with the senate, i’ll be sure to do my fair part, as I know they will,” he said.

Pelletier advocates for the student participation in college related affairs. “I’ve gone to every single volunteer opportunity I’ve had the chance to, and I’ve tried to encourage as many friends and as many people I’ve seen on campus to do the same,” he said.

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