Senate anticipates high attendance for holiday feast

Samantha Longton

Staff Writer

The Student Senate is expecting a large turnout for this year’s winter banquet, where students can enjoy free food and entertainment.

Student Senate vice president Bryce Kirk believes that the dance is a great way to make connections with other students on campus

“It’s personally a wrap up of everything done in the fall. If you’ve been really stressed out with tests and grades it’s a nice little get together where you can finally settle down,” said Kirk. “I think it’s really nice as a school to put that on for the students [so] they know that we care about them.” Last year, the banquet had over 100 attendees.  

“The biggest thing we had to do was pick the venue, it was kind of exciting to look at the different options and for us as students to get to decide that was pretty cool,” said Student Senate treasurer Josiah Dillon. The banquet is semi-formal and will be held at the Franklin Terrace in Troy.

“This year we’re going to have a bus line, and the venue is right down the road so we’re hoping for more people to come,” said Kirk.

“We are the highest rate of commuters for the SUNY system. So it’s kind of hard getting students to become active on campus when you have kids living 30 [or] 40 minutes away,” said Dillon.

Dillon has been attempting to advertise the event though fliers and word of mouth. “Instead of just hanging fliers up, we cut them down to quarter sizes and physically hand them out in places like the library and campus center. We saw such success with this while campaigning that we figured we’d do that for big events like this to get people to come,” he said.

The student activities department plans to start finalizing plans and distributing fliers around the school this week. Students are encouraged to register to attend the free banquet. To register, students can go to the Student Activities office with their student ID and sign up to attend.


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