Alex Shannon appointed Senior Class President

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Rebecca Jordan

Junior News Editor

Alex Shannon plans to promote the interests of the senior class through hard work and dedication.

“I think being dedicated and working hard are probably the biggest two characteristics of a leader. If you’re going to be involved with the government, I think that you should be willing to put in extra time so that you put the school and the kids you are representing in the best position,” Shannon said.

Nobody ran for senior class president during general elections this past academic year, leaving the spot open. Student Senate laws dictate that if a position remains unfilled, the president can appoint whomever he or she thinks would be a good fit for it, granted that the Senate approves the chosen candidate with a majority vote.

Student Senate president Everett McNair decided to open the position up to senior senators by creating an application that would assess potential contenders. “I wanted to see who was interested and willing to put the work in because if somebody’s not interested in putting in the work to fill out an application, then it’s a good indicator of their possible future work ethic when they’re in the position,” McNair said.

There were three key areas McNair said he focused on while making his decision: the history candidates had with the Student Senate, their reputations among their peers, and whether he thought they would accurately represent the senior class.

Three senators applied for consideration, but McNair ultimately chose Shannon to fill the vacancy. The Senate has approved the appointment by a majority vote to have Shannon officially hold the class president’s office.

Shannon is a senior who is currently enrolled in the business program at Hudson Valley and has high hopes for what he can accomplish as the president of the senior class. “I’m no longer just representing a small group on campus; I am representing half of the students here,” Shannon said.

Shannon has strived to be involved during his time with the Senate. He is the chairperson for the advertising committee, a member of the Sock Drawer, and is on the food pantry committee.

“I need to go out and get the opinions of the senior class because that’s what I am representing: their opinions, not my own,” Shannon said. Shannon plans on visiting campus clubs whenever he can, as well as organizing new events for students in order to make his face known and meet people.

Shannon will hold the senior presidential office until the next general election of officers has been decided and the position changes hands on June 1.

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