Dine Hard: How to spring into savory deals this semester

Jenny Caulfield
Creative Editor

With the spring semester starting up, we need to discuss what is on all of our minds: food.

Food is expensive, especially for the hungry college student working to pay off their tuition. With expenses tight and eating a necessity, here are some ways to feel content, as well as making the best bang with your buck on and off of campus.

With a Taco Bell practically next door to the campus, why not hit up that dollar menu? Treat yourself to a spicy potato soft taco, a beefy fritos burrito and a mini shredded chicken quesadilla. An “elegant” three-dollar meal that will leave you feeling full, and keeping extra dough in your pocket.

If Taco Bell isn’t your thing but you’re still feeling Mexican, no worries! When you want a $5 meal, head ten minutes down the road to Moe’s Mexican Grill, which has $5 dollar burritos on “Moe’s Mondays.” Why wouldn’t you stop for a super stuffed burrito and chips for only $5 dollars?

While you’re down there, why not check out Panera Bread or Five Guys? Although it’s over $5, it’s filling and satisfying. Delicious broccoli cheddar soup bread bowls and double bacon cheeseburgers are only less than $10.

When you are in the mood for just about anything and don’t want to spend more than $10, right down the road is the perfect place to be. Alexis Diner, a less than five minute drive from the campus, serves large portions for low prices. Alexis serves as my breakfast go-to for two eggs over-easy, toast, bacon and homefries for a mere seven dollars. I am lucky if I can finish my meal due to how much is on the plate, and being a diner, it is easy to order whatever you’re in the mood for.

For students that do not have a car on campus, do not fear! We have Chartwells located in the Campus Center which serves up $6 dollar burritos in tortillas and bowls.

If you want something from outside the campus but close-by, there’s the Deli & Brew. If you are looking for a meal that will leave you ridiculously full and maybe even with some leftovers, this is the place for you. For less than ten dollars, you can leave your stomach happy with a double stuffed two to six foot sub or some specialty pizza slices.

When your heart is craving that beautiful, cheesy crust goodness that is pizza, Deli & Brew will not disappoint and is without a doubt the place to go. With their specialty slices only two dollars a piece, why wouldn’t you give yourself something to smile about by grabbing a slice of their chicken bacon ranch pizza? You can shake it up and have a slice of tomato bacon ranch or a slice of southwest chicken, or even barbecue chicken. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Deli & Brew will have it prepared behind their pizza counter.

With food being one of the most important parts of our lives, it is good to know where to go on and off of campus to get the most bang for your buck. If you need any assistance with food, twice a semester you can stop by the Student Senate’s food pantry located in the Student Activities office in the Campus Center for some dried goods. No matter what you do, make sure you find a way to feed yourself this semester!

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