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Matt Whalen

With textbook prices constantly on the rise, finding alternative solutions to cut costs on books has become important to students across campus.

Textbooks are a necessity for college students, but many don’t know the alternatives provided to them for avoiding high textbook prices. As college students, one thing we strive to do is save money wherever we can. By finding the alternatives to buying textbooks, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Textbook sharing has become a simple way for students to save money. Although textbooks come out in new versions every year, many students don’t realize that they can still use older versions of their assigned text and receive the same information.
Many students within their degree will share textbooks with others who need them which makes textbook sharing handy. In my Digital Media degree, textbooks usually get passed down each semester to the new students that need them.

Another popular way of saving money is buying books online. A majority of the books we need are also available online, which can reduce the price. Whether you are getting them through Amazon or Ebay, you will likely find your books at a much lower price. Depending on the price, renting textbooks online is another method to cut costs for students. Textbooks can also be found in the form of an ebook for even an cheaper option.

If you don’t want to spend a dime on your textbooks, the Marvin Library is the place for you. Within the library is the instructional media center where you can borrow any textbook you need for your classes. The only downfall to this process is the availability of their textbooks. The library only has a select amount of textbooks per class, so there is always the risk of not being able to obtain your book when someone else has it in use.

Saving money is consistently on the mind of any college student. With so many options outside of Hudson Valley to obtain your mandatory textbooks, there is no reason for students to fear getting their supplies for classes.

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  1. the best place to save money on books and trust me I am super cheap is to use You go to the site and tell it what book you
    want and shows you ALL the book dealers selling or renting the book and what
    price you will pay for it new or used or even rental. I have saved a ton on books
    by using the site.

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