Welcome Day delivers cotton candy and astronauts

Chris Payne
Staff Writer

Students have mixed reactions about coming back to school for a new semester, but the college wanted to start it off with food, games, and a movie during Welcome Day.

The Siek Campus Center was busy Wednesday, as students had the opportunity to eat barbecue favorites like mac n’ cheese and barbecue chicken and get sticky fingers from the cotton candy. Freshman class president Emma Dillon led a ring toss, and students were able to listen to music from the DJ.

Everett McNair, president of the Student Senate, decided to show the movie, “The Martian,” starring Matt Damon, in the BTC. “I’ve seen it and enjoyed it,” he said. “I like the movie because it combines elements of sci fi, action and comedy. I think that this movie will interest a huge audience.”

There were many different clubs who had tables set up to make students aware of their offerings, including the Cheerleading Club, the Black and Latino Student Alliance, and the Not a Bit of Difference Club.

Navera Moritori, the advisor of the Animal Outreach Club, and her pigeon friend, Archimedes, were in attendance for the event. Archimedes is named after a Greek philosopher and is a service animal. “Our club works with domestic, wildlife, and farm animals,” she said. “The club’s mission is to stop animal neglect, spread information about animal abuse, and try to get therapy dogs on campus.”

Tour Guide Club president Sarah Lounsbury attended Welcome Day as well. “The reason I wanted to join the tour guide club is because my sister was a tour guide,” she said. “My goal is to point students that are not used to HVCC the right direction.”

Campus Ministry was also represented. Cylon George, campus minister, said, “My goal is to get support for students and help them get connected with their religious roots.”

According to Frederick Mays, a member of the Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Public Administrations Club who attended Welcome Day, “The goal of the club is to inform people about jobs in the criminal justice area. We provide lectures, meet-and-greets and help for studying for tests for the criminal justice job.”

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