From smoking to studying: Students weigh-in on New Year’s resolutions

Stephen Pelletier
Staff Writer

People use New Year’s Eve as a time of self reflection and a chance to resolve any vices they may not like about themselves. Hudson Valley students have their own take on the annual tradition.

After being a pack-a-day smoker for three years, individual studies major Alec Heffley has decided to make major steps in becoming tobacco free. Heffley, along with his best friend and his best friend’s mother, have agreed that their New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking.

Heffley plans to do things like purchase a vape and use nicotine gum to help keep his mind off of smoking. “I’m down to smoking three cigarettes a day versus twenty,” said Heffley. Having never tried to quit smoking before, Heffley agrees that he’s already making progress on his resolution. “So far it’s been going pretty well,” he said.

Students like individual studies major Elijah Hummel find that their biggest resolution is to perform better academically. “I want my professors to know that I’m a hard worker, and that’s a very good goal to work toward,” said Hummel.

Hummel plans to keep true to his resolution this year by working to improve his studying. Hummel believes that by improving his study habits and applying himself to completing projects, he can improve his grades this semester.

Aside from working to achieve academic goals, some students such as liberal arts major Natasha Levchenko are trying to be open minded to new experiences. “I already tackled a lot of new things so far,” said Levchenko. “I want to continue going and do things I fear to overcome them,” she said. Levchenko’s strategy to achieve her resolution is to have a positive outlook on her actions.

Shreshta Kota, computer information systems major, plans to become more active with student activities on campus. Kota is taking steps in leading her own event she calls “Culture Night.”

“It’s an event to represent different cultures through a fashion show and cultural events,” said Kota. Kota plans to contact individuals who have hosted similar events in the past to ensure that her event is a hit.

Not all students share the idea of having a New Year’s resolution. Biology major Hannah Walsh feels that the idea of using New Year’s Eve as a time of resolution is redundant. “You shouldn’t just wait for another year to make a major decision,” said Walsh.

According to Walsh, if you want to make a change in your life, any time is the right time; not just New Year’s Eve. “Why not just make [a resolution] now?” she said.

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